For stronger knees


The knee joints are among the most used joints. And, the early onset of knee problems is becoming quite common as well. Here are postures that can strengthen the knees in a safe way. Even senior citizens can benefit from them. The posture also helps the anti-gravity muscles (that act through the stretch reflex to counterbalance the pull of gravity and maintain a straight posture).


☞ Stand upright in front of a wall with your feet six inches apart

☞ Stand about six inches away from the wall

☞ Pull the kneecaps, roll the thighs inward, tighten the buttocks, lift the chest and stretch the arms down

☞ Gently lean backward to the wall

☞ Rest the hips, the back, the neck and the head against the wall

☞ Keep both legs straight and stretch both hands down

☞ Gently flex the knees and slide the trunk down the wall

☞ Stay for about 15-20 seconds

☞ Straighten the legs as you slide up

☞ Relax for 10 seconds

☞ Repeat about 10 times

☞ Push against the wall and stand straight