Trunk calls


The trunk connects the shoulder girdle and the pelvic girdle.

Twisting the trunk is effective if the pelvic girdle is fixed, and the shoulder girdle is rotated with a good grip. Such a twist helps the muscles of the trunk and is good for the digestive and excretory systems. The posture also helps the shoulders, the joints and the arms.


☞ Sit on a blanket in cross-legged position with the back against the wall

☞ Grip the left knee with the right hand

☞ Lean forward, flex the left arm, and press the wall with the left hand

☞ Stretch the left hand along the wall at the level of the shoulder

☞ Grip the right knee, twist the trunk, and take it closer to the wall

☞ Stretch the left hand on the wall and twist the trunk

☞ Turn the neck in the direction of the twist

☞ As you inhale slowly, the abdominal cavity should expand

☞ As you exhale slowly, the abdominal cavity should contract

☞ Stay for about 30 seconds

☞ Slowly come up and stand upright

☞ Change side and repeat