Strengthen trunk muscles


The trunk is the main part of the body, between the hip and the shoulder girdles. It houses many vital organs and the spinal column. Gentle twists with good breathing help in massaging the organs and the muscles around the spinal column.

Here is a simple technique that provides blood flow to the trunk. The neck and shoulders are also benefited.


• Sit upright on your heels

• Join the heels and the big toes; rest the hips on the heels

• Keep a bolster (cotton-studded round pillow) in front

• Raise your hips and keep the palms closer to the bolster

• Keep your knees about six inches apart

• Flex your elbows, slowly bend forward

• Gently twist your trunk and head to the right

• Stretch your left arm on the floor and by the side of the bolster

• Rest the left side of the head

• Push the left shoulder close to the floor

• Twist the trunk as much as possible

• Stretch your right hand up

• Turn the shoulder girdle as much as possible

• As you inhale slowly, the abdominal cavity should expand

• As you exhale slowly, the abdominal cavity should contract

• Breathing should be relaxed: four seconds inhalation and six seconds exhalation are good

• Stay for around two minutes

• Take your right hand down and slowly come up

• Change side and relax