Poses to stimulate the vagal nerves


Proper relaxation is essential not only to be active but to be healthy too. Supported forward bends promote deep relaxation. Here is a posture which stimulates the vagal nerves (that carries signals from the digestive system and organs to the brain, and vice versa).


• Sit upright on your heels

• Join the heels and the big toes; rest the hips on the heels

• Keep a bolster (cotton-studded round pillow) in front

• Slowly bend forward and rest the forehead on the bolster

• Keep the bolster such that the trunk is stretched

• Ensure the hips rest on the heels

• Stretch your arms forward

• As you inhale slowly, the abdominal cavity should expand

• As you exhale slowly, the abdominal cavity should contract

• Breathing should be relaxed: four seconds inhalation and six seconds exhalation is good

• Stay about five minutes

• Flex your arms, press your palms and slowly get up