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The sarvangasana (shoulder stand) is a very beneficial inverted posture. True to its name, the posture help all organs, and stimulates the thyroid glands. It improves blood circulation and helps in the efficient functioning of the heart and the lungs. Performing the sarvangasana in the traditional way might be difficult for many, and staying in the pose for about 10 minutes may prove challenging. Here is a simple technique that helps to get the benefits of sarvangasana with ease.


• Take a stability ball of 30cm diameter

• Keep a chair in front, with the top frame facing you

• Lie on your back and rest the legs on the seat of the chair

• Flex the knees, press the feet on the chair and raise the hips

• Position the ball below the hips

• Pin the shoulders down, with your chin towards the chest

• Raise the hips as high as possible and push the ball in

• Rest the back on the ball and rest the heels on the chair

• Straighten the legs and relax the arms

• Relax the arms by the side of the trunk, with the palms facing up

• Breathe—as you inhale, the abdomen expands, and as you exhale, it contracts

• Breathe slowly—about six breaths or less per minute

• Exhale slower than you inhale (for example, if you inhale for four seconds, exhale for six seconds)

• Stay for about five minutes

• Slowly come down