Easy and relaxing

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    Model: Yuktha Rajgopal

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    Model: Yuktha Rajgopal

The trunk houses a host of vital organs. The energy centres, known as chakras, are located along the spinal column. Bending backwards helps deep breathing, and has a great restorative effect.

The following stretch gives a soothing effect to the organs of pelvis, abdomen and chest. It also stimulates the chakras.


• Take a stability ball of 30cm diameter

• Keep a chair in the inverted position, with its top frame close to your back

• Keep the ball within the frame of the chair

• Keep a blanket on the crossbar of the chair

• Sit upright with legs crossed, close to the chair

• Pull the knee towards the floor

• Slowly recline, resting the lower and upper back on the ball. Rest the back of the head on the blanket

• Relax the arms by the side of the trunk with palms facing up

• Breathe abdominally—as you inhale the abdomen expands, and as you exhale it contracts

• Breathe slowly—about six breaths or fewer per minute

• Exhale slower than you inhale (for example, if you inhale for four seconds, exhale for six seconds)

• Stay for about five minutes

• Slowly come up