Magic bend

gallery-image MODEL: YUKTHA GOPAL

Sideward bending of the trunk plays a significant role in the health of the spine. It also helps the abdominal organs, in particular the liver, spleen and pancreas. This movement helps ribs, intercostal muscles and the muscles of the chest. When you do this, the shoulders develop better flexibility and strength. Here is a safe way of inducing this stretch to the trunk using a stability ball.


• Take a stability ball of 30cm diameter

• Sit upright with legs crossed

• Keep the ball on your right side

• Keep the ball as close to the trunk as possible

• Rest your right hand on the ball

• Taking the right hand down, press the palm and pull the ball against the trunk

• Resting the trunk on the ball, slowly bend to the right side

• Ensure there is no gap between the ball and the trunk

• Stretch your left hand straight, in line with the trunk

• Pull the trunk from the left hand and do not raise the left knee

• Stay for about 30 seconds with slow abdominal breathing

• Slowly come back to the original position

• Change side

• Repeat and relax