The Real Side of Entrepreneurship: A Saga of Failure, Small Wins and Personal Growth


Twinkle Keswani is a successful restaurateur, she spoke about the success and failures in every business and her perspective on the same. She also spoke about how one could deal with them with her experience.

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey is exhilarating yet challenging. As a passionate entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, I have experienced the rollercoaster ride of triumphs and setbacks. From the sun-kissed shores of Pisco by the Beach in Goa to the enchanting mountain views at Cafe Montagne in Leh, each venture has woven its own unique tale. In this article,I invite you to delve into the lesser told side of entrepreneurship—a narrative of failures, obstacles, and personal growth. It's important to note that while my experiences shape this perspective, every entrepreneur's journey is distinct and filled with its own ups and downs.

From Failure to Resilience; Extracting Lessons from Setbacks -

When I took my first steps into the hospitality industry at a young age, I was brimming with enthusiasm and dreams of success. Despite all the enthusiasm and hard work, I faced the bitter taste of failure early on with my initial ventures. I must admit that failure initially took its toll and made me question my abilities. But amidst the disappointment, I realised that dwelling on failure wouldn't get me anywhere. So, I made a deliberate choice to confront it head-on and extract valuable lessons from it. Accepting failure became a humbling experience that allowed me to critically evaluate my mistakes, pinpoint areas in need of improvement, and gradually gain invaluable insights that would shape the trajectory of my future decisions. It was not an easy process, but it was a necessary one for sustainable growth.

Overcoming Age-Related Obstacles; A Battle of Perseverance:

At various stages, age-related skepticism often cast doubt on my capabilities and undermined my dedication. These challenges required me to find innovative ways to assert myself confidently. I immersed myself in self-study, trying to acquire knowledge that surpassed any notion of inexperience. Effective communication became my greatest weapon, allowing me to convey my ideas with clarity and precision. Over time, as individuals grasped the depth of my vision, credibility slowly emerged, shattering the barriers imposed by age-related prejudices.

Confronting Self-Doubt & Cultivating Belief; The Journey Within:

Imposter syndrome, that troubling voice of self-doubt and inadequacy can overshadow from small to even the most notable achievements. I have been no exception. Moments of doubt clouded my mind as I pursued my passion. However, I came to understand that this is a shared experience among many. To counter its effects, I consciously shifted my focus towards celebrating the smallest accomplishments, seeking guidance from trusted mentors and reminding myself that growth emerges from both risk-taking and learning from failures. Gradually, I nurtured a stronger sense of self-belief allowing me to embrace the confidence needed to thrive in what I do. I won't deny that these thoughts of self-doubt still emerge from time to time. However, I have learned to transform it into a source of motivation to deliver better. These moments of doubt have become a catalyst for pushing myself further, continuously striving for improvement and doing more. Embracing them as a tool for self-motivation has allowed me to persist and maintain the drive needed to overcome obstacles and achieve my goals effectively.

Maintaining A Healthy Work-Life Balance; The Art of Boundaries:

Achieving a harmonious work-life balance has been an ongoing challenge, especially with my restaurants spread across different cities. Juggling the demands of managing multiple locations and consulting projects often tested the delicate equilibrium between work and personal life. However, I realised the importance of establishing boundaries and implementing strategies to overcome these challenges. Delegating responsibilities and empowering my trusted team members became paramount, ensuring smoother operations and freeing up time for personal pursuits. Effective time management techniques played a vital role in achieving this balance. By prioritising tasks, setting clear goals, and dedicating specific periods for rest, I maximised my work hours while carving out quality time for family, friends, and cherished hobbies. Although the journey to work-life balance is an ongoing process, a proactive approach has gradually fostered a sense of fulfilment, allowing me to savour the joys of both my professional endeavours and personal life.

In conclusion, entrepreneurship has been multifaceted journey filled with small and big wins and a fair share of challenges. As someone who has weathered these and is still learning, I have come to embrace the realities and complexities that come with it. It's important to acknowledge that failure is not a dead-end but an opportunity to learn. It involves sacrifices and moments of self-doubt. It's in those moments of self-doubt that we find the strength to push forward. By sharing my story, I hope to offer a genuine and relatable perspective to people who are navigating similar paths.

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