Leaving tragedies behind Veda Krishnamurthy now desperate to revive cricket career through WPL

New Delhi, Dec 8 (PTI) Tragedies and snubs are nothing new for Veda Krishnamurthy as she has seen it all in the last three years, but the out-of-favour India cricketer is desperate to make a fresh start and has pinned her hopes on the upcoming WPL to regain her spot in the national women's side.
     Having got a snub in the inaugural Women's Premier League auction earlier this year, a leaner and much fitter Veda is now hoping to earn a WPL contract on Saturday, an opportunity which can open the national team's door for her.
     "I feel that the ability and experience I have will not take much time for me to get into a system and adjust again. It is all about going there and showcasing whatever I can," Veda told PTI in an exclusive interview.
     "Definitely, it's (WPL) a great platform for players, especially who are on the same boat like me. I haven't played international cricket for the last three years, so this is a platform where you want to do well, and if you are able go and perform in situations and platforms like this it opens up the door for the Indian team as well.
     "We have seen that happen in men's cricket. So that is something which I will have in my mind."
     Veda, who has played 48 ODIs scoring 829 runs with a best score of 71, was an integral part of the Indian team that finished runner-up in the 2017 Women's ODI World Cup final, losing to hosts England by just nine runs at Lord's.
     Veda was also part of India's squad for the 2018 and 2020 ICC Women's World Twenty20 tournaments in the West Indies and Australia respectively.
     But twin personal tragedies halted her career in 2021 when she lost her mother and elder sister to COVID in a span of two weeks, and it took her a long time and effort to come out of that.
     "Very difficult, honestly, because suddenly when you have been shaken you don't know what to do. There was a lot of mental health issues I faced because I didn't know how to live with the grief. There was a lot of anxiousness, there was lot of depression. I was not sleeping well. You want to come out of it but it's not that easy. I used to be awake till 5-6 in the morning, I used to be scared of closing my eyes," she said.
     "It took me close to one-and-a-half years to get back to normal without any medicine. It still kind of comes back and haunts you, but you need to keep that side and focus of the physical aspect. It feels good to be back in shape," added the right-handed batter, who featured in 76 T20s for India scoring 875 runs.
     Once she managed to defeat her inner demons, Veda concentrated on reviving her career to be in shape for the WPL auction slated for Saturday and all she wants is an opportunity to showcase her mettle.
     "I have been putting a lot of hours in my practice. I have become a lot fitter, lot leaner in the last four months. I have been hitting the ball really well. So, now, just hoping what happens on December 9.
     "Not really (about which team she would prefer). I would want all of them to raise their pedal for me but, in the end, whoever it is, it is all about opportunity and I will be very grateful whichever team shows their faith in me and picks me in the auction," said Veda, who has kept her base price at Rs 30 lakh.
     "I think I am now ready. It is more about opportunity for me at this point. I am waiting for an opportunity so that I can go and showcase my skills again.
     "I don't have any expectations because the last time around when I had expectations it didn't materialise. But I am a little anxious, to be honest."

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