'Unboxing Bengaluru' Contemporary biography of Karnataka's capital to release later this month

New Delhi, Nov 1 (PTI) An upcoming book, "Unboxing Bengaluru: The City of New Beginnings" by debut authors Malini Goyal and Prashanth Prakash, dives deep into Karnataka's capital city and unravels its journey and the ensuing social, behavioural, technological and consumptive changes.
    The book, scheduled to release this month, explores what makes Bengaluru India's tech capital despite its many obvious challenges and why the city has become such a powerful magnet for all kinds of workers from India and overseas.
    Published by Penguin Random House India (PRHI), the book with over 600 interviews, deeply researched content and interesting anecdotes claims to be an authoritative account of the city's transformation in a very accessible manner.
    "As a Bangalorean, I have often felt the need for a deeper, informed and more nuanced understanding of my city, which has been changing so rapidly over the last four decades. I truly hope this book helps achieve that objective," said Prakash in a statement.
    From pensioner's paradise, PSU capital, garden city, India's Silicon city and pub capital, the book promises to be a one-stop solution for anyone interested in learning about the history of the city and country.
    In "Unboxing Bengaluru: The City of New Beginnings", the authors look at why people are drawn to the city; how the cosmopolitan culture and multi-linguistic society gives it a distinct flavour; the parallel economies that have cropped up; how the influx of young workers has changed the city; and the fault-lines of unplanned and poorly managed growth over the decades.
    According to the publishers, the book is filled with absorbing vignettes, extensive reportage and solid data, highlighting how the city is now a buzzing startup hub attracting job-seekers from India and abroad.
    "Combining hard data, analysis, interviews and reportage, Unboxing Bengaluru tells us so much not just about the city, but about the country, too," said Deepthi Talwar, executive editor at PRHI.
    The book, priced at Rs 699, is currently available for pre-order online.

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