Hospital unveils state-of-the-art integrated robotic system for spine surgery

    New Delhi, Dec 14 (PTI) A leading private hospital here formally launched a state-of-the-art integrated robotic system for spine surgery on Wednesday and claimed that it was the "most advanced" system in India.
    The technology used in the system unveiled at an event here utilises "artificial intelligence to visualise spinal anatomy during complex surgeries".
    BLK-Max Super Specialty Hospital, part of the Max Healthcare group, claimed that this was "India's most advanced integrated robotic system for spine surgery".
    "The integrated spinal robot is programmed to navigate spinal surgeries. Additionally, this is the only robotic system that combines surgical navigation and robotic guidance for spinal surgery, which offers significant advantages to spine surgeons," the hospital said in a statement.
    "We started this journey in 2019, when we were convinced that we needed to acquire this spinal robotics, because this is the future for having safer, more precise and more accurate spinal surgeries.
    "It is a technology in evolution," Dr Puneet Girdhar, senior director and head of orthopaedic spine surgery at the hospital told PTI.
    But, then the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak happened and the plan to acquire this system got derailed, he said.
    "Finally in 2022 a few months ago, we acquired not just the most advanced such system, but the fastest one on the planet. And, 10 surgeries have been conducted using it in the past couple of months using this new-age Globus ExcelsiusGPS robotic navigation platform," Girdhar said.
    The analysis for all these ten patients show that accuracy has been "100 per cent" and "bull's eye for all the 44 screws placed" during the surgeries, he claimed.
    Two of his patients, including 71-year-old Bharat Bhushan Kamra, a retired gazetted officer and a trained classical singer suffering from severe back pain and compression of spinal nerve and difficulty in walking before the operation, and who underwent surgeries in the last month with the use of this technology shared their experiences during the event on stage.
    "They were able to walk a day after the surgery, within two days they were discharged. They hardly had any blood loss, they didn't lose any energy, and post-operative pain was minimal, and back to routine activity in a very short period of time," Girdhar said.
    Kamra even sang an emotional song about life and survival, much to the delight of the audience.
    The advantage of this integrated robotic system are many, and it has been found that there has been a "marked decrease in blood loss" for such patients vis-a-vis those who have undergone conventional spinal surgeries, Girdhar said.
    These patients who were operated using the new-age technology were ambulated immediately a day after the surgery, had reduced radiation exposure and could go back to routine activities much earlier than non-robotic surgery patients, the doctor said.
    "The robotic system made by this (global medical device) manufacturer, is the third such system being used in the country, including one in south India. But, the one unveiled today is the fastest and the most advanced system with integrated components," he added.
    The system has been designed to facilitate procedural efficiency. Robotic surgeries makes the procedure more objective as its more plan driven, the hospital said in the statement.
    Currently, Max Healthcare has 15 robotic systems across its network hospitals. More than 4,000 robotic surgeries have been performed at its hospitals so far, it added.
    This is the first such system acquired by the Max Healthcare, a hospital spokesperson said. PTI KND TDS

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