Chennai hospital launches ambulance tracking facility

             Chennai, Sep 4 (PTI) A city-based corporate hospital unveiled a GPS-enabled emergency ambulance tracking facility for the traffic police here on Sunday. <br><br>        mSirenPilot, a mobile application launched by Gleneagles Global Health City enables traffic police to track the movement of ambulance and ensure faster clearance of vehicular traffic, a release from the hospital said.   <br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br>        "This advanced technology has the potential to assist hospitals and traffic police to monitor the movement of ambulances while transporting patients," it said. <br>        "The time delay in treating critical patients worsens the outcome of the treatment. Golden hour is the first 60 minutes in a patient's life where the patient can be saved if the right treatment is provided," Gleneagles Global Health City head of department and senior consultant, department of accident and emergency, Sriram R said.<br>        "Our emergency team can efficiently track and coordinate with the ambulance to improve the treatment provided," he said.<br>        The mSirenPilot also offers a free mobile application powered by the world's first 'Smart Siren Technology', which enables road drivers and traffic police to proactively create a green corridor and assist emergency ambulances in moving faster through traffic, the press release claimed.<br>        Gleneagles Global Health City, CEO, Dr Alok Khullar said, "every year, countless lives are lost because of delay in definitive treatment within the 'Golden Hour'."<br>        "With the launch of mSirenPilot-a smart ambulance platform, support is extended to interact with the hospital's emergency response team more efficiently and effectively," he said. PTI VIJ KH <br>KH   KH

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