Kozhikode crash Digital flight data recorder cockpit voice recorder recovered

     New Delhi, Aug 8 (PTI) The digital flight data recorder (DFDR) and the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) have been recovered from the Air India Express plane at the Kozhikode crash site in Kerala, an aviation regulator official said on Saturday.
     "The DFDR and CVR, which have been recovered from the plane, will help in finding the cause of this accident," the Directorate General of Civil Aviation official said.
     These devices are with the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau and will be sent to Delhi for further investigation, according to the official.
     The Air India Express flight from Dubai with 190 on board overshot the tabletop runway at Kozhikode airport on Friday night while landing in heavy rain and fell into a valley 35 feet below and broke into two, killing at least 18 people. PTI DSP

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