Biopic on former IPS officer Kiran Bedi announced

Mumbai, Jun 12 (PTI) An upcoming biographical movie will chronicle the inspiring journey of Kiran Bedi, India’s first female IPS officer.
    Titled "Bedi: The Name You Know. The Story You Don’t", the film will be written and directed by Kushaal Chawla, the makers said in a press release. It will be produced by Dream Slate Pictures.
    According to the makers, the film will delve into untold incidents, personal and professional challenges, and unwavering determination that shaped her extraordinary career in policing.
    “This story is not just my story. It’s an Indian woman’s story— An Indian woman who grew up in India, studied in India, raised by Indian parents, and worked for the people of India throughout her career. My story began at the age of nine when my father told me, ‘Life is on an incline, you either go up or you come down,’ and my mother said, 'You shall be a giver and not a receiver.'
    "These statements remained my guiding principles. As we aim to release this film in the 50th International Year of the Woman, this will be an Indian woman’s story representing our great nation internationally," Bedi said in a statement.
    Chawla, who earlier directed short film "Another Time", called the movie a "labour of love".
    "Four years of expansive research and scriptwriting have been dedicated to ensuring an authentic and insightful portrayal of Dr Kiran Bedi, India’s most beloved and iconic cop."
    "She has been a tremendous inspiration to me, and having her trust to direct this film is truly a blessing. In this feature film, I explore heart-warming transformations, unseen triumphs, and the extraordinary personal and professional journey of Dr Bedi as she navigated her path as the first woman in the male-dominated world of policing," he said.

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