My book is inspired from 'Bridget Jones Diary' want to make it into a show Shenaz Treasury

New Delhi, Feb 12 (PTI) Actor-turned-writer Shenaz Treasury says she grew up reading "Bridget Jones Diary" and hopes her debut book, "All He Left Me Was a Recipe", gets an extended life on the screen like her favourite book.    
    Describing the book as a part fact, part fiction tale about all the men who have influenced her life in some way, Treasury, who is also a travel-vlogger, said she wrote it more like a "screenplay with lots of dialogues" and her goal is to get it adapted on a streamer.
    In fact, her inspiration for the book was "Bridget Jones Diary", Helen Fielding's novel of the same name that turned into a successful film franchise, starring Rene Zellweger, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant.
    "I read it ('Bridget Jones Diary') when I was a teenager and I identified so much with the characters. I really hope young girls, and a lot of women in their 30s will really enjoy this book. I hope they feel what I felt when I read 'Bridget Jones Diary' or 'Sex and the City'.
    "I hope this becomes a show like 'Sex and the city', 'Emily in the Paris', 'Bridget Jones Diary'. That's what I am going for with this book," said Treasury told PTI in an interview.
    Treasury, who also holds a diploma from New York University in screenplay writing, said while she would want to act in the adaptation of her book, she is more interested in creatively producing it.
    "Because when this comes out I want it to be my visualisation. So I want to be the creative director," she added.
    Tracing her life from when she was 4 to 40, the book, the 42-year-old said, is a candid and funny collection of pages out of her (very personal) diary, from her first kiss to her first breakup and all the awkward moments in-between. She also reveals the story behind the title.
    "I was going through a break up at that time, and my friends, who were going through divorce, were like 'what did he leave me with?' And I thought about what I got from my last relationship, I thought, 'All he left me was a recipe of an Israeli salad, basically I had a great recipe'," she added.
    The book, priced at Rs 299, is published by Penguin Random House India (PRHI).

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