NATHEALTH 10th Annual Arogya Bharat Summit 2024 How Will India’s Healthcare Evolve by 2047 and in What Way Can the Private Sector Contribute to This Progress

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This year over 500+ healthcare leaders and subject matter experts from diverse domains including hospitals/providers, manufacturers, payors, investors, medical technology, diagnostics, enablers, allied healthcare workers, global multi-stakeholder organizations and digital tech organizations including startups, deliberated over two days at the NATHEALTH 10th Annual Arogya Bharat Summit 2024. The summit served as a catalyst fostering collaboration between industry stakeholders and provided a high-level forum for participants to work in unison and facilitate dialogue on the crucial role of private healthcare players in advancing the government's agenda of achieving UHC in India. The different sessions also deliberated upon the building blocks and sustainable models required for the private sector to play an essential role in strengthening health systems in the country.

The 10th Annual Arogya Bharat Summit 2024 witnessed seven key outputs:

1. A Vision roadmap for health financing and Public-Private Partnership for building healthcare infrastructure

2. Redefining the role of MedTech to infuse new capabilities in monumental capacity expansion

3. Launch of whitepaper created in collaboration with QCI, NATHEALTH, NABH and Praxis Global Alliance recommending an integrated architecture on safe care and placing patients in-charge of their safety

4. Creating critical healthcare pathways for accelerating adoption of digital health and a new leadership for use among hospitals, CXOs looking at adopting digital health

5. Use cases for driving critical digital health adoption

6. Bringing ethics code in India at par with global standards through signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between NATHEALTH and EPiHC (Ethical Principles in Health Care), to establish a strategic alliance on global ethical healthcare standards

7. Premji invest made an announcement committing their support for industry startup joint platform which will seed healthcare innovation and create pathways for scale.

The two-day summit was also packed with discussions ranging from growth trajectory of the MedTech sector, Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), building blocks by unlocking private capital for achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC), challenges in the hospital ecosystem, navigating compliance and promoting indigenous manufacturing, opportunities to revolutionize medical education, patient safety, and many more crucial issues. There were also engaging Fireside Chats on health, climate & sustainability and how innovation can power the next wave of healthcare.

The experts explored diverse aspects of innovation, skilling and capacity building of healthcare workers, healthcare service delivery models and regulatory frameworks, all aimed at promoting sustainable growth. A platform for Health-tech startups was also provided giving them an opportunity to collaborate with the industry and display ground-breaking examples, underlining the importance of driving transformative change.

The two-day summit concluded by recognizing 11 healthcare organizations for their contribution in establishing a more resilient and sustainable healthcare ecosystem at the 3rd NATHEALTH Impact Awards.

Dr. Ashutosh Raghuvanshi, President, NATHEALTH, Managing Director & CEO, Fortis Healthcare, said, "The 10th Arogya Bharat Summit is an occasion for us to reflect on the evolving landscape of healthcare in India. Our country faces a myriad of challenges, from the burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases to the pressing need for quality, accessible healthcare for all segments of society. Yet, amidst these challenges lies immense opportunities – to innovate, collaborate, and drive meaningful change that can transform the health and well-being of millions. The theme of this year's summit underscores the pivotal role that private healthcare sector representatives play in this journey. The healthcare sector has seen considerable investments in the last two decades and particularly, the hospital sector has been abuzz with several significant mergers and acquisitions in the last one year. I firmly believe that public-private partnership is the way forward to transform the healthcare landscape in India which enables achieving the ambitious goal of UHC. Together, we have the power to shape the future of healthcare, drive meaningful change, and create a legacy that will impact lives for years to come.”

Ms Ameera Shah, Senior Vice President, NATHEALTH and Promoter & Managing Director, Metropolis Healthcare, said, “It gives me immense pleasure as we embark on this significant journey together. As we commemorate the milestone of the 10th NATHEALTH Annual Arogya Bharat Summit, it is imperative to reflect on our journey thus far and to chart a course for the future. This summit signifies a decade of commitment to advancing healthcare, highlighting the pivotal role of private players. Let's redefine healthcare accessibility and quality, aiming for Universal Health Coverage. This summit celebrates achievements and reaffirms dedication to innovation, policy reforms, and actionable solutions for a healthier future. Let's propel India towards health equity and access as societal cornerstones.”

Dr. Harsh Mahajan, Past President, NATHEALTH and Founder & Chief Radiologist, Mahajan Imaging, said, "NATHEALTH has achieved immense credibility in the last few years. Many key stakeholders and national institutions often take advice and inputs from NATHEALTH on industry and policy issues. Our members have always been willing to contribute and lend their voices to significant sectorial issues. NATHEALTH has helped the healthcare sector forge and build strong relationships. Most importantly, it does not work in isolation and works closely with other industry associations to ensure common concerns are highlighted on varied platforms. We are also consistently in dialogue with the Govt as we remain aligned with the national goals of achieving UHC. At the same time, we also want the Govt to understand that for growth, action, sustainability and best patient outcomes, there has to be viability in the system. That said, we are well on the road to achieving public-private partnerships and charting the future roadmap of healthcare in the country.”

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