Manifestation to Reality Tiigers of Kolkata owner Aksha Kamboj opens up about how Saif Ali Khan manifested their ISPL trophy

New Delhi (India), March 18: The ISPL final saw the Tiigers of Kolkata put on a dominant performance, as they beat Majhi Mumbai by 10 wickets to take home the trophy of the Indian Street Premier League.

Much of the credit goes to the players, coaching staff and management, as the Tiigers turned their season around with some impressive performances both while fielding and while bating, with players like Prathamesh Pawar, Bhavesh Pawar, Munna Shaikh and Raju Mukhiya standing out across the tournament with impressive performances. However, the Tiigers of Kolkata had another good-luck talisman waiting in the wings, one that manifested their dramatic victory in the ISPL final days before the first ball was even bowled.

At the ISPL Auction, held on 25th February, Saif Ali Khan, one of the owners of the Tiigers of Kolkata, was the only owner to step on stage and lift the ISPL trophy. It is said that history often repeats itself over time, and such was the case with the ISPL final, as the Tiigers of Kolkata snatched the victory out of Majhi Mumbai’s hands to win the final, a perfect parallel to the Saif Ali Khan lifting the trophy on the day of the auction.

Commenting on how they manifested this victory, Owner of Tiigers of Kolkata and Chairman of Aspect Global, Aksha Kamboj had this to say - “On the auction day, my co-owner Saif went and voluntarily picked up the trophy, which I think was the perfect manifestation for our victory in the Final”

The belief and support of owners Aksha Kamboj, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan have played a big part in the Tiigers of Kolkata’s ISPL campaign, with the owners being the team's biggest source of strength and belief. Sport has always been about belief, and throughout the tournament, the Tiigers of Kolkata have embodied this belief, from a successful auction to a successful trophy lift, the Tiigers of Kolkata have truly manifested their glory with full Shakkti Kka Swag.

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