10th NATHEALTH Annual Arogya Bharat Summit 2024 - Building Blocks and Role of Private Sector Ecosystem

New Delhi, India – Business Wire India

• 100+ speakers, 5000+ delegates and emerging startups

• 4 Whitepaper releases – Health Financing, MedTech, Patient Safety and Digital Health

• Digital health CXO course in collaboration with Koita Foundation​

Apex healthcare industry body, NATHEALTH-Healthcare Federation of India is set to host its 10th Annual Summit 2024, bringing together the best minds in healthcare innovation and collaboration. This annual gathering has consistently proven to be a catalyst for positive change and advancements in the healthcare sector. This year's theme "Arogya Bharat: India's journey towards health for all and the crucial role of the private sector" has been chosen in continuation of the previous years, reflecting the ongoing commitment to critical healthcare priorities in India. India has a huge disease burden of communicable and noncommunicable diseases and need for quality, affordable healthcare, covering most vulnerable population. The Government has announced the Health for All agenda and the goal of Viksit Bharat by 2047, promising comprehensive, last mile healthcare delivery for an Arogya Bharat. The private sector also has a legitimate role as a key stakeholder in amplifying the efforts towards achieving health for all. Private players within the ecosystem have unique contributions and skills, however they remain fragmented. The Summit, therefore, strives for convergence, to deliberate on where and how private sector can align with Government to build a healthier and more prosperous India. The purpose of the event is to dwell upon inter-sectorial conversations and facilitate collective efforts to achieve the goal of Universal Health Coverage.

The Summit also touches upon vital aspects that demand immediate attention. These aspects include five key areas crucial in India’s healthcare sector: healthcare financing, MedTech, digital health, patient safety and digital health CXO Course. By delving into these areas and releasing whitepapers, the summit aims to not only understand the current state of each but also promote collaboration and innovation. This collaborative approach, specifically between the public and private sectors in areas like healthcare financing and MedTech, is crucial to address the diverse needs of the Indian population and ensure equitable access to quality healthcare. The various outputs planned, such as whitepapers and courses, offer valuable insights and practical tools to stakeholders, ultimately aiming to accelerate advancements in healthcare delivery and infrastructure across the nation.

In healthcare financing, the private sector plans to invest through public-private partnerships (PPP) outside metro areas. NATHEALTH will release a paper emphasising PPP models and new infrastructure, aligning with Niti Aayog’s policy to encourage private sector participation. The paper on MedTech 2.0 will emphasize its connection to the health financing segment, and drive home the point that the goal is to make it a story tied to the demand of what happens in MedTech, rather than a story of MedTech itself. Another significant output will be a whitepaper on patient safety, developed with QCI and NABH. A digital health paper anchored by ADL will focus on end-user cases for the uptake of digital health, especially in providers' diagnostic and other evolving areas. Besides these papers, NATHEALTH will also roll out a unique digital health CXO course, developed in collaboration with the Koita Foundation. This course, to be presented at the AGM, aims to contribute to the uptick of digital health.

Dr. Ashutosh Raghuvanshi, President, NATHEALTH, Managing Director & CEO, Fortis Healthcare said, "The 10th NATHEALTH Arogya Bharat Summit 2024 provides an important platform for industry leaders and policymakers to engage and deliberate on India's healthcare priorities. As we tackle the pressing issues of non-communicable diseases, maternal and infant mortality, and the overall inadequacy of healthcare infrastructure, this summit becomes a catalyst for transformative interventions. The summit aims to not only address the current challenges but also pave the way for a healthier and more prosperous India. By encouraging collaboration and innovation in the healthcare sector, we can contribute not only to increased life expectancy but also to economic growth and global competitiveness."

Ms. Ameera Shah, Senior Vice President, NATHEALTH, Managing Director, Metropolis Healthcare said, "Private healthcare players play a defining role in shaping the future of healthcare in India. This summit serves as a vital platform, promoting discussions on their role in realizing Universal Health Coverage. The summit will center on forging a collaborative strategy to tackle the intricate challenges hindering healthcare accessibility nationwide. By engaging the private sector, we aim to chart a path that ensures comprehensive and inclusive healthcare solutions for all. This summit becomes a center for innovation, where stakeholders unite to shape a future where quality healthcare is not just a privilege but an accessible and universal right for every citizen in India.”

The summit also aims to establish a working group/steering committee comprising government and industry representatives. This committee will work towards expediting decision-making, implementing public health schemes, encouraging collaborative models, and building lasting relationships in the healthcare sector. The long-term objectives include increased engagement and dialogue for policy consensus, enforcement of necessary mechanisms, and efficient healthcare service delivery within an established framework to achieve national health objectives.

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