India's First Logistics Drone Achieves Type Certification with PDRL's AeroGCS Software

NASHIK, India, March 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- PDRL proudly unveils the successful Type Certification of India's first logistics drone equipped with AeroGCS, the leading drone software developed by PDRL. This milestone marks a significant leap in drone technology and also underscores the collaborative efforts between PDRL and industry leaders in revolutionizing logistics through innovative solutions.

AeroGCS, a completely Made in India revolutionary software, introduces a suite of insightful features that redefine every stage of drone missions, from meticulous planning to precise execution and comprehensive post-mission data analysis. This accomplishment is a testament to PDRL's commitment to advancing the drone industry and fostering partnerships that drive transformative change.

With approximately 50% of Indian drone manufacturers Type-certified with AeroGCS and an impressive 75% of Indian agriculture drones Type-Certified with AeroGCS Green, the demand for AeroGCS remains constant. AeroGCS, proudly made in India for the global stage, signifies a commitment to cutting-edge technology in the drone industry.

Empowering Logistics and Beyond:

As the agricultural landscape undergoes a transformation with Agri Drones, the logistics sector is set for a parallel revolution through drones. Drone technology is on the verge of reshaping Civil and Defence logistics, with PDRL spearheading this transformative journey alongside its esteemed drone OEM partners. PDRL and its partners are pioneering positive disruptions in agriculture and now in the logistics market with drone technology.

Quote from Mr. Anil Chandaliya, CEO, PDRL:

"PDRL is excited to announce the upcoming release of a dedicated edition of AeroGCS tailored for logistics operations with drones. This edition will introduce features such as autonomous flights, a complete command and control centre, drone tracking, delivery tracking, and more, further solidifying PDRL's commitment to technological advancement in the drone industry."

PDRL's AeroGCS Enterprise has already empowered numerous industry players, streamlining their drone operations and enhancing operational efficiency. Thousands of daily drone flights are currently managed, monitored, and tracked with the AeroGCS Enterprise SaaS platform of PDRL, paving the way for a dynamic future in the drone industry.

The collaboration with various partners represents a significant milestone for PDRL. PDRL expresses gratitude while eagerly anticipating more groundbreaking achievements in the ever-evolving landscape of the drone industry.

About PDRL

PDRL is a leading product company dedicated to revolutionizing the drone industry. Its AeroMegh platform provides an end-to-end solution for transforming drone data into actionable insights. With a comprehensive certification program, PDRL empowers professionals with the knowledge and skills to excel in the evolving drone industry. PDRL's commitment to cutting-edge technologies and strategic partnerships positions it as a leader in shaping the future of the industry.

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