PDRL Sets Industry Benchmark Files Five Patents for Groundbreaking Agricultural Drone Software AeroGCS GREEN

NASHIK, India, Dec. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- PDRL - Passenger Drone Research Pvt. Ltd. has recently set a significant benchmark in the industry, by filing five patents for its groundbreaking agricultural drone software, AeroGCS GREEN. These patents, developed over the last six months, highlight PDRL's commitment to innovation in the field of agriculture drone technology. The software is entirely made in India and has become the preferred choice for Indian drone manufacturers, with approximately 75% of type-certified agriculture drones in the country utilizing AeroGCS GREEN for drone operations management.

The five patents can be categorized into two main areas: three patents are related to agriculture drone flight planning, emphasizing the precision and efficiency of drone operations in agricultural settings, while the remaining two patents focus on the integration of artificial intelligence capabilities in agriculture farm analytics, showcasing advancements in data analysis for improved farming practices.

The significance of these patents extends beyond technological innovation; they contribute to the larger goal set by the Government of India to establish the country as the global drone hub by 2030. In aligning with this vision, PDRL's continuous efforts in the drone sector, as evidenced by these patents, support the indigenization of critical drone applications through domestic innovation and self-reliance.

AeroGCS GREEN's widespread adoption among Indian drone manufacturers underlines its role in shaping the future of the drone industry in the country. PDRL's commitment to providing solutions with locally developed software aligns with the broader push for self-reliance in critical technology domains.

Furthermore, these patents serve as a protective measure for PDRL's customers, offering them a competitive edge by leveraging local intellectual technology. As the drone industry continues to evolve, safeguarding intellectual property becomes crucial, and these patents position PDRL as a key player in this aspect.

The recent Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Certificate received by PDRL for its AeroGCS GREEN software, based on the DO 287A AL5 standard, further validates the excellence and reliability of the drone software. This certification, from a reputed third party, reinforces PDRL's commitment to delivering a superior experience to its customers, highlighting the continuous advancements and achievements in its drone software products.

PDRL's filing of five patents for AeroGCS GREEN signifies not only a technological milestone in the field of agriculture drone software but also aligns with national objectives, contributes to self-reliance, and positions PDRL as a leader in the evolving landscape of the global drone industry.

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