Piramal Group announces launch of Piramal School of Leadership Jaipur

Jaipur, Dec 3 (PTI) In a bid to foster a larger network of dedicated government leaders devoted to enhancing service delivery, the Piramal Group has announced the launch of Piramal School of Leadership (PSL) Jaipur, under the aegis of Piramal Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the group.
     The foundation stone of Piramal School of Leadership in Jaipur was laid by Ajay Piramal, Chairman, Piramal Group, Swati Piramal, Vice Chairperson, Piramal Group, and Aditya Natraj, CEO of Piramal Foundation, on December 2.
     The Piramal School of Leadership, spread over 32 acres, is being designed to train approximately 50,000 leaders annually, with the potential to increase to 1,50,000 at full capacity.
     The Piramal School of Leadership encompasses five schools: School of Education and Systems Change, School of Climate and Sustainability, School of Health, School of Justice, and School of Inclusion.
     The five specialized schools in the campus will impart learning across crucial development sectors, aligning closely with government initiatives.
     The School of Education and Systems Change has been a pioneer in the transformation of educational systems by emphasizing the concept that personal change drives systemic change.
     The School of Health will be dedicated to revolutionizing public health systems by actively assisting governments in implementing the National Health Mission through initiatives that enhance public health and medical training.
     The School of Climate and Sustainability will specialize in imparting learning on enhancing water security and promoting sustainable practices.
     The School of Justice will endeavour to improve the legal system through digitalisation and grassroots initiatives.
     The School of Inclusion concentrates on mainstreaming inclusivity, especially for persons with disabilities, by equipping institutions to provide integrated education and livelihood training.
     PSL, founded on the principle of personal transformation leading to system transformation, targets India's 30 million public officials, especially middle managers to help them improve the service delivery of various programmes and initiatives of the government.
     "This School manifests our belief in the transformative power of leadership rooted in Sewa Bhaav," Ajay Piramal, Chairman, Piramal Group, told reporters here.
     "Here, we will cultivate leaders who are not just skilled, but are deeply committed to the ethos of selfless service. We aim to empower these leaders to drive positive change, fostering an equitable, progressive, and resilient society. Together, we embark on this journey to shape a stronger, more prosperous India," Piramal said.
     The school will also target youth leadership development through its Gandhi Fellowship programme, and women leadership development via the Karuna Fellowship initiative.
     Additionally, it will serve social sector partners for capacity building and social entrepreneurs, guiding them to impact millions of lives. Corporate sector professionals will also have opportunities to engage and contribute to public life through programmes at PSL.
     "India has nearly 30 million public officials, but a dearth of institutions which focus on mid-level government leadership. Our aim is to build a landmark institution that will inspire the spirit of innovation and agility needed to realise the vision of a developed India, where every leader contributes to the nation's journey towards excellence and equity," Aditya Natraj, CEO, Piramal Foundation, said.
     Piramal School of Leadership is one of Piramal Foundation's four big bets along with 'Anamaya', the Tribal Health Collaborative dedicated to reducing preventable deaths among tribal populations and aligned with Sustainable Development Goals; 'Aspirational Bharat Collaborative', in partnership with NITI Aayog, for uplifting India's most backward districts; 'Digital Bharat Collaborative', which focuses on the digital transformation of public services.
     Piramal Foundation aims to improve the lives of marginalised communities, by leveraging the power of youth and strengthening government systems. With operations supported by 5000+ employees, and spread across 27 states and 2 Union Territories, over the last 16 years it has touched the lives of more than 11.3 crore Indians.

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