WeClean India's Digital First ‘Cloud Laundry’ Startup Revolutionizes the Retail Laundry Industry in India

Mumbai: WeClean, is India’s foremost “Digital First” Laundry startup. This Mumbai-based Cloud Laundry startup, is set to transform the $2.5 billion retail laundry segment within India with its never-before-seen Direct to consumer offerings. WeClean aims to revolutionize the untapped, traditional, unorganized laundry industry by paving the way for a technology enabled, end to end retail laundry service within the Indian consumer market.

WeClean recently raised a round of INR 5.3 crore, from investors who believe in the vision of its First of a kind Digital Laundry founded on the premise of fulfilling the laundry needs for over a 100 million Indians across the country in an organised and seamless manner. Conceptualized by founder Rishi Rathod, the brand operates on the ‘CAQTS’ approach of ‘Convenience, Affordability, Quality, Transparency and Speedy service’. WeClean aims to revolutionize the current traditional and unorganized Indian Laundry Segment, by leveraging cutting-edge technologies with state-of-the-art machines and an end-to-end mobile application.

Speaking about this, Rishi Rathod, Founder, WeClean, said, "In a Digital First era, WeClean aims to provide an end-to-end digitally-driven process with convenience of booking and tracking, transparency, special attention to details, quality management, ease of payment and superior customer service. Our goal is to simplify the lives of our customers, going beyond mere traditional laundry services and by early 2025 we aim to onboard over 1 million customers across urban India."

Before launching the company, Rishi Rathod spent nearly a year conducting extensive market research and identifying the best technology solutions available for laundry services worldwide. Having raised Capital, the brand WeClean now operates out of a 6000 sq. ft. space in Parel, Mumbai, with a highly professional team managing various functions such as Customer Support, HR, Marketing, Logistics, and Laundry Operations. WeClean has also launched an advanced mobile application that enables customers to book and track orders, engage with its customer support team and make seamless online payments.

WeClean currently has a presence across the Mumbai Metropolitan region. Buoyed by positive customer experience, it aims to expand its unique cloud laundry services to other major metro across the country. With the capacity to process and store up to 11,000 items each day, WeClean offers a wide range of laundry services, including dry cleaning, shoes, bags, linens, and upholstery cleaning, using state-of-the-art machinery, imported solvents, environmental-friendly packaging, and trained professionals.

As a Digital First laundry provider, WeClean strives to ‘De-Crease the customer’s burden’ by simplifying the laundry experience through its user-friendly mobile application.

About WeClean: WeClean is India’s foremost “Digital First” Laundry startup. The brand provides advanced technology-driven, ‘Dry cleaning, Shoe-Bag-Curtain-Carpet cleaning, Washing, and Pressing’ services. Founded by Rishi Rathod in June 2021, WeClean aims to revolutionize the traditionally unorganized ($2.5 billion) retail laundry industry into a technology-driven, professionally managed sector. The company is committed to providing end-to-end laundry solutions with its ‘CAQTS' approach of ‘Convenience, Affordability, Quality, Transparency, Speedy service’ to achieve customer satisfaction.

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