Lithuania offers biz opportunities for Indian firms cybersecurity fintech in focus

Kolkata, May 12 (PTI) The Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania to India, Diana Mickeviciene, on Friday stated that her country is focusing on sectors such as biotechnology, cybersecurity, and fintech and is seeking greater bilateral ties with India, a country with which it shares a strong trade relationship.
     The European nation also has the potential to become a hub for tea and textiles in that continent.
     Speaking at an interactive session with CII, Mickeviiene noted that Darjeeling tea and India’s textiles are highly popular in Lithuania, pointing to significant business opportunities for Indian companies to set up hubs in her country and export to other European nations.
     She said that Lithuania's focus is on specific industries, such as IoTs, biotechnology, cybersecurity, and fintech.
     Mickeviciene mentioned that biotechnology will be the new star in the economy of Lithuania.
     She highlighted the country's partnership with Tata Consultancy Services for two projects in biometrics (Aadhaar).
     The diplomat also sought investment, pointing out that Lithuania ranks highly in terms of ease of doing business and high penetration of the internet.

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