A Resolution through Farmer's Training on the Water Crisis Management in Agrarian India

BENGALURU, India, March 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Art of Living JalTara team recognized that the water crisis in India is no longer just a shortage of drinking water but a problem at a more significant level. Rural inhabitants in India are not even entitled to water to take care of their essential needs. The farmers in the vicinity find it challenging to take care of agricultural requirements. Severe water scarcity in Maharashtra has led to rising obstacles for a more significant proportion dependent on farming as the source of their livelihood. The battle for survival continues when the summer season begins and the scarcity is aggravated.

How JalTara aims at eradicating water shortage

The intensity of the water crisis in the rural stretch of India is a context of various determinable factors that play a crucial role in response to the socioeconomic condition of farmers. Community-managed water resources can be relied upon till a specific time. After that, prominent measures are taken to ensure the efficient availability of water in the villages and conserve water resources. While most farmers have relied on groundwater for their farming needs, the extinction of it has left their needs at stake.

To overcome a challenge like such, the Art of living, under the valuable guidance of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, ideated JalTara- a unique and scalable solution for the water crisis.

JalTara aims to eradicate the villagers' unavailability of water resources for farming and daily activities to the fullest. Through a multi-pronged approach, recharge structures 6 feet deep and 4 feet across at the lowest point within arable acre-plot of land are being created which enables the rainwater to percolate.

Proven on the ground, 20000 recharge structures were made & 40000 trees have been planted in 50 villages of Jalna, Maharashtra. The project aims to build 50 million recharge structures reaching 100,000 villages and recharge 15 trillion liters of water per year across India in just five years from now. The project's goal is to address the water crisis and educate villagers about the long-term value of groundwater recharge. With the help of experienced and guided geologists/technical experts, who have been reporting real-time updates from the villages and guiding the on-site team regarding the water conservation measures, a maximum extensity has been achieved.

Know the need to train farmers to conserve rainwater

Farmers and villagers are the backbones of the project. The biggest challenge is understanding the complex relationship between their efficiency and the training that helps them prepare for future variability. India is home to millions of farmers who sustain their livelihood in proportion to the type of crops to grow in a season.

With the help of the JalTara recharge structures, waterlogging will be eliminated, and the excessive strain on their productivity won't be there. Conservation of rainwater will help them to grow more crops with adequate scaling in the water resources.

Threatened by water shortages, their income has always been affected. This stems from the need for farmers to be educated about water conservation project ideas so that they can be made aware of their surrounding in the most realistic manner. At the heart of agriculture, where a crisis looms, only adequate measures and efforts taken to improve farmers' knowledge can help them utilize the benefits of JalTara most efficiently.

About The Art of Living - Social Projects

The Art of Living JalTara, under the guidance of world-renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader – Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, is undertaking measures to solve the current water crisis in India. The project focuses on eradicating water poverty and ensuring farmers and villagers can scale their income with maximized crop productivity.

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