Suspire - the Sustainable E-marketplace Registers Five-fold Growth

New Delhi, Delhi, India (NewsVoir)

The leading e-marketplace offering sustainable and eco-friendly products - Suspire has registered remarkable growth in the last quarter wth a five-fold expansion in all aspects of the business. As an eco-friendly and sustainable apparel and lifestyle brand, Suspire is committed to changing the ways people consume. It is a sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free e-commerce marketplace that offers over 100 planet-positive brands. The quarter-on-quarter growth is seen in various areas of operations, including order volume, revenue, and other key metrics. Specifically, the firm experienced an exponential increase in both orders and revenue on a quarter-on-quarter basis.

Founded by prolific entrepreneurs Swayam and Deepak, Suspire resonated strongly with the concerns of climate change and sustainability. Swayam, Co-founder of Suspire stated, “Having studied environmental sciences and having witnessed ocean degradation while scuba diving, we were convinced that working for the betterment of the environment is our calling.” He added while further researching they found out that the business ecosystem was filled with inspiring brands already creating eco-friendly products. Instead of competing with these brands, we saw an even better opportunity in partnering with them and amplifying their impact.

With sustainability as the core, Suspire was launched in October 2021 as a hub for sustainable and vegan brands in India. Having come a long way already, the brand has set a growth target of 100% year-on-year for the period of 2023-2024. This projection indicates an ambitious but feasible goal for the company to achieve significant expansion in the upcoming years. Also, with rising interest among consumers for international brands, Suspire is looking at featuring more international products on its platform and is evaluating shipping internationally to cater to the overseas market as well.

Suspire after adding many unique brands selling a variety of vegan, sustainable and eco-friendly clothing, accessories, personal care items, food & beverages and home decor aims to foray into pet care and baby/kids care brands. The focus would be on toys and any other category that lacks sustainable alternatives. What sets Suspire apart from other sustainable identities is the fact that it is not only sustainable but also cruelty-free. Suspire curates specialized and homegrown brands, giving customers access to unique and high-quality products that they won't find anywhere else. The fashion range available on Suspire is beautifully curated to reflect the latest trends while also staying true to its sustainable values.

The brand strongly believes in rewarding, encouraging and incentivising people to be more mindful while doing their purchase. It has a unique ideology to reward sustainability. Every time a customer orders through the marketplace and makes a conscious choice, they are rewarded with impact points; and this the founders say has had remarkable results.

Image: Swayam Doshi, Co-founder, Suspire

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