Art of Healing Cancer Launches High-Dose Vitamin C IVC Treatment for Cancer Patients

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In 2020, the combined age-standardised rate for all cancers, excluding non-melanoma skin cancer, was 190 per 100,000, and men had a greater rate of developing cancer (206.9 per 100,000) than women (178.1 per 100,000). Unfortunately, this number has already been surpassed in the year 2022. India is now facing a significant burden from the rising cancer incidence rate, which is continually climbing. According to estimates, India will record 19 to 20 lakh cancer cases by the end of 2022, although the actual incidence is 1.5 to 3 times higher, a lot of which goes undocumented. Many treatment options are available for cancer patients, including Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Surgery, and at times drugs targeting the immune system or even targeted drugs.

Despite all the advancements in treatment, many cancer patients still succumb to the disease. At the same time, it is not always that costly and newer modalities can only provide solutions to this disease. Sometimes inexpensive and previously overlooked methodologies might provide us with some answers. High dose Intravenous (IV) Vitamin C is one such modality; Vitamin C used to be a cancer preventive therapy in the early 1900s. Dr Linus Pauling, in 1970 asserted that it might have a therapeutic activity by citing an increase in survival rates for patients. Early clinical studies have shown that vitamin C concentrations given intravenously and orally may alleviate symptoms and increase survival in cancer patients close to death. Additionally, IV vitamin C has also enhanced patients' life quality and reduced chemo-related adverse effects, such as tiredness. Many clinical trials also recommended IVC high doses as safe and efficient in treating cancer and reducing tumour size.

Adding High Dose IVC treatment to conventional cancer treatment has several scientific and medical benefits:

1. Oxygen Sensing: HIF hydroxylases involved in deactivating the transcription factor HIF-1 are controlled by vitamin C, hence helping in reducing hypoxia. Hypoxia is the main reason for cancer to develop chemoresistance. High Dose IVC can play an effective role in enhancing the effect of conventional chemotherapy.

2. As a Pro-oxidant: In cancer cells, but not in normal cells, high dosage IVC activates the hydrogen peroxide-dependent Cytotoxicity. Normal cells have catalase enzyme, whereas cancer cells are deficient in it. Henceforth, High Dose IVC has been found to have a cytotoxic (cancer-killing) effect on cancer cells and no adverse effect on normal cells. Thus High Dose IVC is relatively safe.

Vitamin C also plays a role in antitumor activity against different cancers by activating several cofactors, inhibiting EMT and Invasion, Enhancing the efficacy and action of chemotherapy, and finally, Immunomodulation. In a recent study published in 2022, it was found that colon cancer patients, especially those with KRAS mutation, had better progression-free survival and quality of life when high-dose IVC was added to their treatment.

As people understand, any form of treatment/treatments cannot ensure the complete survival of the patients because cancer cells can develop resistance against these conventional treatments. In recent years High-dose IVC has re-emerged as a potent anti-cancer treatment, with Numerous clinical trials revealing excellent safety and tolerance. Furthermore, using high-dose IVC as either monotherapy or combination therapy has been documented in these studies to make other treatments more effective.

"Adding High Dose IVC makes systemic therapy more effective, improves surgical recovery, and decreases radiation effects. In addition, our late-stage patients with excessive non-healing tumour wounds have benefitted immensely from the treatment," says Dr Mandeep Singh Malhotra, (Chief Mentor and Clinical Lead of Art of Healing Cancer

"Art of Healing Cancer is one of the first institutions in India to bring modalities of treatment that can enhance or make conventional therapies even more effective. We are trying hard to find ways to overcome resistance to Chemotherapy, Radiation and high-dose IVC is one of the tools in that direction," says Arpan Talwar, Co-founder of Art of Healing Cancer.

Art of Healing Cancer, one of the first institutions dedicated to treating Advanced Cancers. Art of Healing Cancer is a unique organisation specialising in treating advanced cancers, integrating multiple treatment modalities from Modern to Traditional Medicine. But at the core of it is SCIENCE.

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