Saucy Affair - A Flirtatious Romance With Sauces

This budding new romance of Saucy Affair with its newly launched sauces has all the food lovers drooling over the delicious flavours

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (NewsVoir)

Saucy Affair has given food lovers a paradise of flavours with its range of exotic culinary art sauces which can be used as dips & spreads too! These sauces go beyond the traditional flavours and taste with exotic ingredients that bring a distinguished taste, making the food 10x better!

Saucy Affair is committed to delivering the freshest flavours with authentic spices and herbs. The brand stands on the pillars of simplicity, enthusiasm and passion and caters to foodies who enjoy food and life to its maximum.

Saucy Affair gives you a variety of flavours to choose from - spice lovers will relish the Masala Mafia sauce, and there's Cheesy Cheddar for cheese lovers. Thai lovers are presented with Thai Lime and Basil Sauce and Thai Green Curry Sauce, while there is Roasted Tomato and Basil sauce and Alfredo Broccoli sauce for Italian food lovers. They have something to offer for every taste palate with guaranteed happiness.

Saucy Affair launched their flavour bombs on 10th October 2022, and within a few weeks, they have a loving fandom. Kids, youngsters and elders, everyone is a huge fan of Saucy Affair and is enjoying the new sauces in their unique way.

Ankit, a cheese lover, said, "It's difficult to stop adding the Cheesy Cheddar sauce to everything I eat! The creaminess of the sauce melts in the mouth and makes the food cheesy and amazing. I can't wait to try more flavours from Saucy Affair."

Rashi, a mother of two little kids, mentioned that Saucy Affair has made her life easier. She says, "I love cooking new food items for my kids but making them eat vegetables all the time is a task. Saucy Affair's Alfredo Broccoli sauce has made my life so easy. It's yummy, and the kids love their food even more."

The credit for all the praise Saucy Affair is receiving in such a short time goes to their Director, Mrs. Krupa Doshi. Her passion and honest efforts to make delicious sauces are successful. Her reaction to hearing all the compliments makes her smile and say, "I feel happy that food lovers like me are enjoying the sauces and creating new dishes with them. I have always believed that a little imagination while cooking food can lead to an exciting new dish. It feels amazing to see people try the sauces in their everyday food and invent recipes they love. This is the beginning of a new food trend."

Just as the tagline of Saucy Affair says, "Flirt with Flavours" all the food lovers are getting their hands on the sauces and starting their romance with them. You can order your bottle of sauce from their website today. More details about Saucy Affair can be found here

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