Right to Protein Welcomes Shalimar Group as Its Latest Supporter for Soy Fed India's First-Ever Feed Label

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After Sneha Group in 2021, the Shalimar Group supports the ‘Soy Fed’ label with its adoption in packaging material to help consumers identify high-quality protein foods

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Following the launch of India's first feed label, 'Soy Fed,' by Right To Protein, a nationwide public health initiative last year, Shalimar Group, a pioneer in the poultry industry, has joined the league of adopters after Sneha Group. The voluntary label will feature on the company's Total Foods range of Tandoori Nuggets and will be gradually integrated into all their poultry products.

The Soy Fed label was introduced during the National Nutrition Month 2021 with a two-fold objective rooted in empowering consumers to make informed choices and differentiate packaged poultry, meat, and fish fed with soy and to help the industry distinguish soy as a quality protein source for animal feed. Livestock, poultry, or fish that is fed with high-quality soy as its primary protein source is of a better quality as the superior amino acid profile and amino acid digestibility of soybean meal has a tremendous impact on their growth and development, thus benefiting the end consumer.

Mr. Sameer Agarwal, Managing Director, Shalimar Corp Ltd said, “As a pioneer enterprise engaging in a wide-ranging business of poultry feed milling and animal nutrition, providing our customers with the highest quality food choices has always been our top priority. We truly believe that the ‘Soy Fed’ label is going to be a key industry differentiator in aiding awareness about the nutritional benefits of Soy as an animal feed and how that positively impacts the consumer’s health. With growing concerns and consciousness around wellbeing people today are relying on trusted brands like us for transparency and we feel this move will further reassure them of our commitment to their evolving needs.”

“Protein undeniably is an important requirement not just for human consumption, but also for livestock and aquaculture. Soy feed plays a significant role in the growth and development of animals and helps to define the quality of protein that is consumed by humans. With partners such as Shalimar Group and Sneha Group coming on board to adopt the voluntary feed label, we are progressing on our journey to raise awareness about the role of soy as a sustainable source of nutrition. This indeed is yet another step towards ushering in a positive change in the industry.”, stated Jaison John, Lead - India, US Soybean Export Council (USSEC) and Right To Protein supporter.

The ‘Soy Fed' label is now in the process of reaching out to multiple brands in India for its voluntary inclusion on their packaged protein products – meat, poultry, and fish – and helping citizens learn that we are what our food is fed!

In addition, ahead of Protein Day 2022, Right to Protein, in its ongoing efforts to drive food and especially protein sufficiency in the country through awareness, advocacy, and action, has announced 'Food Futurism' as the theme for this year. This educational initiative will bring together nutrition experts, food scientists, biologists, and others to help Indians better understand the basic science behind healthy nutrition and its role in food security and protein sufficiency.

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