Health Minister Launches E-clinic for the First Time in Bihar

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Patna, Bihar, India (NewsVoir)

• 100 E-clinics to be setup across Bihar

On Saturday, Health Minister Mangal Pandey launched ZiffyHealth’s E-Clinic to improve health services in the state. As per the innovative start-up’s plan, they will be initially having 100 E-clinics. Following that, its number will be gradually increased over the next 18 months. With the help of E-clinics, one crore citizen’s electronic health records will be collected over the next year (Health Kiosks). ZiffyHealth introduced this cutting-edge technology and innovations to Bihar.

The Health Minister said at the launch ceremony that this is an amazing initiative. Natives of Bihar are earning fame all over the world. But what makes this story unique is that after achieving fame, they want to work for the development of their motherland. Such individuals are making commendable efforts to improve Bihar's healthcare system. Bihar is abode to ZiffyHealth's CEO and Founders. This organisation has also set a goal of creating Electronic Health Records (EHR) for people. I was surprised to learn that doctors, thousands of kilometres away would be able to hear and see in real time the heartbeat, blood pressure, sugar level, and oxygen level of patients living in Bihar districts. People will no longer need to travel to major cities for medical treatment as a result of this. ZiffyHealth has my best wishes. We will help wherever we are needed.

Captain Indira Jha, Chief Executive Officer of ZiffyHealth and a resident of Jhanjharpur, Madhubani, welcomed all guests to the programme. He stated that he belongs to Bihar and will leave no stone unturned to improve the Healthcare situation in the state. One of his brothers died as a result of mild diarrhoea. Since then, he has wanted to do something to improve Bihar's healthcare system. There is one doctor for every 28 thousand people in Bihar, compared to one doctor for every 11 thousand people nationally. Only 20% of the population is served by 80% of the doctors. With E-clinics and health kiosks, this ratio will improve. People will be able to access high-quality healthcare close to their homes.

Kasturi Jha, Yogesh Thakur (Co-founders), Dr. Ajay Kumar (Bihar President, IMA), Anand Kishor, Chairman, Smart City Patna, Balmurgan D, CEO of Jeevika, Vijay Prakash, CEO of Atal Innovation Mission, and Prof. NK Arora, AIIMS were all present at the launching ceremony.

The Start-up’s aim is to leverage the technology to deliver Effective Digital Healthcare for city dwellers, as its IoT integrated solution entirely bridges the gap between online and off-line consulting. It also offers a three-way video consultation feature, which is beneficial to our younger generation who want to look after their parents who live in different cities. To aid the patient or the doctor, a third person may be introduced into the session. The stay-at-home arrangement during COVID, forced parents to be separated from their children who worked or studied in various places. With the help of ZiffyHealth, either the patient's parent or guardian can tune in to the consultation and learn about their loved one's health difficulties.

The goal is to offer each person with inexpensive and reliable healthcare and deliver superior customer journey through optimizing the time and cost. Live Q-management, Voice Clinical Note, Integrated Diagnostic and Pharmacy with OPD management are few tools, which are the key differentiating features for ZiffyHealth.

The E-clinic process

Captain Indira Jha stated that there will be multiple E-clinics in each district at affiliated pharmacy shops. At the e-clinic, a health kiosk will be installed. The patient will take a seat in front of the medical kiosk. Specialist doctors sitting far away will be able to know a patient's heartbeat, oxygen level, blood pressure, sugar levels, and other vital signs in real time thanks to sophisticated equipment. If the doctor believes that additional diagnostics are required, the associated laboratory will collect the patient's sample and, after examination, will send the report to the doctor. The doctor will prescribe the medication based on the results of the tests, which will be made available to the pharmacy. The patient will then go to the pharmacy and purchase the medication. In this manner, the patient will receive treatment from renowned doctors close to his home.

ZiffyTech is a Big Data-Hadoop-based disruptive force healthcare start-up that has been incubated and is being accelerated at Atal Innovation Mission-Pinnacle (An offshoot of NITI Ayog). It is dedicated to making healthcare more accessible and affordable by deploying cutting-edge technology and AI-powered innovative processes.

ZiffyHealth has developed a customised, comprehensive, and secure EHR in accordance with international standards (HL-7; according to the Indian Health Ministry Gazette), which is technologically sophisticated enough to provide trend analysis and is automatically made available to doctors once an appointment is scheduled. The ZiffyHealth Platform converts all vitals and lab test results into an HL7 format Electronic Health Record. The main goal of EHR adoption is to improve treatment quality by reducing medical errors, providing an effective communication channel, sharing information among healthcare practitioners, and collecting health data for educational and research purposes.

For Healthcare Innovation, it was featured in the NITI Aayog Coffee Table magazine. This organisation has advanced to the semi-finals of the Ayushman Bharat Grand Challenge. The company's Co-founder has been named one of the top 100 finalists for the "Women Transforming Award".

Image: L to R: Avinash Thakur, CEO of Atal Innovation, Dr. Ravi Kumar Singh, Director Medanta, Mangal Pandey, Health Minister of Bihar, Indra Jha, Founder & CEO, ZiffyHealth&Anubha Prasad, Founder KAREKEBA


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