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The Burgeoning Nutraceutical Market

The global nutraceutical market size that was once valued at USD 382.51 billion in 2019 is projected to reach USD 722.49 billion by 2027 expanding at a CAGR of 8.3%. Rising awareness regarding calorie reduction and weight loss, favorable outlook towards medical nutrition, rising healthcare costs, coupled with the growing geriatric population across the world are anticipated to assist the growth of the global functional food industry and promote the application of nutraceuticals, which, in turn, will have a substantial impact on the industry growth.

Introducing Biotevia From Assiduus Global

A Make in India brainchild from the House of Assiduus Global, Biotevia offers premium holistic wellness supplements. All Biotevia products are crafted in an FDA-registered facility, certified organic wellness supplements, results-driven, toxin free and cruelty free. The core ingredients used in all the products are 100% natural and organic such as flower and vegetable essences, plant and essential oils because Assiduus truly understands how potent they are to heal and nourish our bodies and strengthen everyone's well-being.

Some of the exclusive products are Testosterone booster, a natural anabolic enhancer that is formulated using safe, natural ingredients, Biotevia Hair Grow fortified with ashwagandha, antioxidants, iron, zinc that speeds up hair growth and promotes absorption of hair-boosting nutrients, Biotevia Keto Garcinia ketogenic dietry supplement made of garcinia extracts and other natural ingredients blended with synergistic power and natural plant‐based supplements. The capsules contain extracts obtained from herbs, tropical fruits and spices.

All Biotevia products are free of parabens, perfumes and synthetic ingredients. Instead, they are fuelled and fortified organic and 100% vegetarian ingredients such as turmeric, ginseng, ashwagandha, coconut oil, amla and the like.

The Way Ahead for Biotevia

As concerns build over economic stability and long-term healthcare availability, the emphasis within healthcare systems and the wider population is shifting to preventive health and fitness – i.e., mitigating disease risk rather than treating disease once it has taken hold. This trend manifests itself largely as self-care, and an appetite for health supplements, functional foods or superfoods. It is also bolstered by growing interest in personal nutrition and food science, as well as lifestyle preferences for natural and organic food products.

These drivers are key factors in the dynamic growth of Biotevia currently being seen in emerging markets such as India, China and Brazil. A fast-expanding middle class with the educational resources to understand better the relationship between diet and health, an interest in global trends such as body consciousness, sports, fitness and healthy living and finally a long-term view that is prepared to invest in disease prevention and self-care are driving the acceptance of Biotevia.

Assiduus is putting together products with a specific focus on women health & sexual wellness to strengthen overall holistic wellness.

Founder Dr. Somdutta Singh adds, “Clearly, the future is bright — and profitable — for companies that develop successful nutraceuticals. India is poised to be a global leader and become a formidable player in the segment. What we’re seeing right now is the start of a new paradigm in health care. There is an enormous increase in health awareness among global citizens. At the same fume, there is an enormous concern for health care costs and the impact of managed care. The result is an opportunity called nutraceuticals. There are 2 distinct market opportunities for the Indian nutraceutical industry i.e. exports-led and domestic demand-led. At $4-5 billion today, the nutraceutical market has immense potential to achieve at least 2 to 3 times growth in the next five years.”

About Assiduus Global

Assiduus is an e-commerce portfolio & brand management company that manages multi-million-dollar brands and has been founded with the vision of creating world-class private label e-commerce brands with global visibility. Founded by Dr. Somdutta Singh with its offices in India, New York, Puerto Rico and Manila, Assiduus, backed by home-bred cutting-edge technology, partners with Fortune 500 Companies and scales them by becoming their exclusive global distribution and supply chain partner. Assiduus focusses on establishing and building large e-commerce brands in the genre of health supplements, beauty and lingerie.


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