Thea Events Productions organized ‘Rising Lady Digital Awards 2020’

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New Delhi, March 09, 2020: Celebrating the International Women’s Day is perhaps one of the best way we can honour the significance of women in our world. The world has always been in consistent debt of women as women are the source of creation and always stood atop. Thea Events & Productions recognised the women from various fields for their extraordinary work and achievements to bring the change this world always is in need of.

Rising Lady Digital Awards 2020 had 18 different categories. Following is the list of all the 18 winners who received the Rising Lady Digital Awards 2020:

1. Mavayna Manav
Category: Social Cause
She is has won an Oscar Award in 2019 for her documentary Period. She is also titled as the ‘Pad woman of India’

2. Swapnaja Wangikar Lele
Category: Singer
Swapnaja Lele is a renowned singer from Pune and has been working in the Music Industry for a long time.

3. Apsara Mishra
Category: Mompreneur
Apsara Mishra is one of the top listed mom bloggers who is also the co-founder of Secret Kitchen, a cloud kitchen based in Kanpur.

4. Ariangbuan Pamei
Category: Working Professional
Ariangbuan Pamei is a working professional from Manipur.

5. Adeline Edward
Category: Fashion
Adeline Edward is a fashion influencer from Noida.

6. Dharani Deiveegan
Category: Philanthropy
Currently a medical student, Dharani Deiveegan is a philanthropist. She is also a semi-finalist for Miss Teen India 2019.

7. Dipika Singh
Category: Lifestyle
Dipika Singh is a lifestyle blogger and social media consultant from Mumbai. Her blog is called Gleeful Blogger.

8. Dr. Gagandeep Kaur
Category: Health & Wellness
Dr. Gagandeep Kaur is a dentist from Delhi.

9. Nazia Khan
Category: Digital Space
Nazia Khan is a social media strategist and content creator.

10. Neha Gupta
Category: Technology
Neha Gupta is CEO & Founder of an IT company Cybrotechs Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

11. Niharika Verma
Category: Beauty
Niharika Verma is a beauty blogger who is the founder of The Pink Velvet Blog.

12. Prerna Avasthi
Category: Poet
Prerna Avasthi is a Delhi based social activist and poet who writes on social topics such as LGBT, women empowerment, environment etc.

13. Pujarini Mitra
Category: Travel
Pujarini Mitra is a family travel blogger who has traveled to 18 countries so far. Her travel blog is called My Soul Travels.

14. Rashmi Neha
Category: Youtuber
Rashmi Neha is a popular YouTuber from Hyderabad who makes prediction videos on reality shows such as Bigg Boss.

15. Ruchie Verma
Category: Blogging
Ruchie Verma is a blogger and editor of the blogger Wiggling Pen.

16. Sagarika Hazra
Category: Independent Filmmaker
Sagarika Hazra is an independent filmmaker who also owns a production house called Sagarika Pictures.

17. Sahiba Singh Dhupar
Category: Personality Coach
Sahiba Singh Dhupar is a communication specialist, soft skills trainer & personality Consultant from Delhi.

18. Soraisam Anuka
Category: Rising Author
Soraisam Anuka is a young upcoming author.

Ms. Anamika Mishra, Event Director said, “We are really excited about the first edition of Rising Lady Digital Awards 2020 and its successful commencement. We received over 150+ entries and I am truly overwhelmed with response. All thanks to our confidential jury who helped us pick the 18 winners. I hope our recognition will inspire them to make it even bigger in their respective fields. Heartiest congratulations to the winners and I wish them good luck for their future endeavours!”

Mr. Ankit Satija, Co-founder Thea Events & Productions, Jury quoted, “I am overwhelmed with the response of the event. The world is going digital. Even our government inspires us to become a Digital nation and hence, we came up with this concept of conducting the digital awards. Special thanks of our jury members, co-founders and partners for the support.”

Mr. Neeraj Sinha, Event VP Jury, Founder Bharat Digimark said, “Its an indeed pleasure to see women from various fields stepping up to reach for their goals in their respective fields. The nominations left us surprised as we came to know about the talented ladies from various parts of our nations. We will try our level best to help inspire the women to reach for their goals! Thanks to the Jury for being so kind and helping us in making the journey even smoother.”

Rising Lady Digital Awards is a Thea Events & Productions initiative to honour the rising ladies from various fields on the basis of their talent, efforts, innovative ideas and achievements. This is an annual digital event.

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