Startup Brings Automation to Kitchen Launches World’s First Multi-cuisine Food Printer

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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (NewsVoir)

Food Printer, a Chennai-based automation technology start-up in the smart home space, has invented the world’s first multi-cuisine, and multi-food automated system.

The food printer can churn out hundreds of Indian dishes like idli, dosa, chapatti, gravy, chutney, beverages and many different cuisine foods from across the world. The food printer system is powered by Internet of Things and Cloud so that users can connect with the world; upload and download recipes, or seek consultation for diet and nutrition plans for various day-to-day requirements.

Food Printer dedicates its namesake product to Mr. Ratan Tata. The product is expected to hit the market by end of 2020 with multiple variations to suit the home needs. It focuses on B2C sale through white line goods outlets. Through strategic tie-ups, Food Printer is also planning to bundle its product with the apartment B2B builders in upscale metros.

Mr. Satheshkumar, CEO, Food Printer, and an expert in automation-engineering, who invented the product, said, “Food printer is a smart home product that is set to revolutionise the future of cooking. It is suitable for small to large families. The product is targeted primarily at the working couple who are hard pressed for time, and aged parents in India. The elderly couple staying away from their children would be another target segment, as food printer can be designed to meet the food needs of the elderly people.”

He further said, “Our inspiration in the innovation and entrepreneurial journey is that we are addressing many social issues connected with food. The product can free women, who are treated as kitchen workforce, from cooking. It can bring all ethnic and nutritious food back to the plate with little time. These factors are important for working parents to help raise kids with healthy food choices. Importantly, cooking automation helps elders to take care of their food needs, and makes them self reliable.”

It took million man hours spent over a period of four years for Mr. Satheshkumar to create the product and the related systems. An expert in process automation design, he innovated the product with his accrued savings. Mr. Satheshkumar has executive management qualification from MIT Sloan/Columbia. Previously, he was working in a TATA group enterprise.

“We want Food Printer to be identified with empowerment, values and ethics of high standards. It is fitting to dedicate this high impact product to Mr. Ratan Tata, who is the champion of these social causes,” Mr. Satheshkumar said.

Dr. Mylswami Annadurai, Director of Chandrayaan-1 and Mangalyaan missions, and Former Director of ISRO, said that Food printer is “A novel, innovative product”, after witnessing a Proof of Concept demonstration of the product.

Image: Mr. Satheshkumar S, Founder & CEO, Food Printer with Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai, Moon Mars Mission, Former Director ISRO


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