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With Bangladesh, always

I am glad that Sheikh Hasina is continuing in Bangladesh, because it is good for India. Hasina has, time and again, said that India is a trusted partner who gave the Bangladeshis shelter. India should continue to help Bangladesh in every way possible (‘The Hasina juggernaut’, January 7).


The US will not interfere in Bangladesh as long as New Delhi supports Dhaka. Hasina has been able to hold back radical elements and we must credit her for that.


What Bangladesh needs today is a stable economy to attract investments. The growth of Bangladesh is not just in the interest of Bangladeshis, but equally in the interest of south Asia.


Indian business groups should invest in Bangladesh’s infrastructure projects and pave the way to economic prosperity in the region.


Tapesh Tomar,

On email.


India-Bangladesh ties are scaling new heights every day, thanks to Narendra Modi and Sheikh Hasina. That electricity is produced in India and supplied to Bangladesh is a remarkable gesture.


Keshav Ranjan,

On email.


The evolution of Bangladesh is a historic achievement. Modi’s visit to Bangladesh [in 2021] has further strengthened the bond between the two countries.


B. Gurumurthy,

On email.


Good administrator

It is not correct to blame Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan for his dictatorial mannerisms. He is not arrogant. He is a serious person, by nature, and it has helped him and the CPI(M) grow (‘Letters’, January 7).


Vijayan has been successful in meting out a space for himself in the national conversation as the only communist chief minister in the country. He is a good administrator and will continue to be a force to reckon with in the anti-NDA brigade.


Ashok Singh,

On email.


Learn from Vajpayee

I agree with Mani Shankar Aiyar that demonstration, and not discussion, is the way back to power (‘Mani-festo’, January 7). Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and Rajya Sabha Chairperson Jagdeep Dhankhar are partisan and reluctant to listen to the opposition parties. This is not good for a healthy democracy.


That Narendra Modi and Amit Shah cannot take criticism reflects poorly on them. Modi should learn from his senior, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who was open to criticism and was a liberal at heart. Vajpayee could soften or harden his hindutva to suit his politics.


Vinod Saxena,

On email.


The political environment in the country needs to be corrected as it has been vitiated by lack of ethics and social graces. The one point agenda of winning elections has disrupted the peaceful environment in the country. We need to take stock of areas where our politics is dysfunctional. All our progress and economic development will get diluted if we lack social harmony.


R.D. Singh,

On email.


Slum clearance

Dharavi’s redevelopment is only on paper; nothing is happening at the ground level (‘Treasure island’, January 7). The slum has to be developed urgently. Most houses in Dharavi do not have access to fresh water, and there are several gaps in sanitation services.


A lot of illegal activities are taking place in Dharavi. I agree that Dharavi has manufacturing industries that are the main source of Mumbai’s export revenue and that 60 per cent of Mumbai’s waste is recycled here, but it needs a makeover.


Slum clearance is must in India to transform poor- and low-income settlements to urban clusters. Residential overcrowding in shabby setups should be discouraged.


Gaurav Pandey,

On email.


Though Dharavi is one of the biggest slums in the world, some people are not interested in its revamp. People who reside there are afraid of losing their land. Hence, the government must take strong steps to help the people in Dharavi.


Saul Abhishek,

On email.


Don’t dump waste

Stay dog bites are related to poor waste management (‘Who let the dogs out’, January 7). Dogs get aggressive only when they are attacked or their access to food is regulated. Many of us dump waste even today even when we know it is wrong.


We have to share this world with other living beings, and to kill any stray dog is the most cruel thing to do. Animal birth control programmes should be strengthened across the country. Bonding with dogs benefits us in so many ways. Most of them are not a threat to us.


Vismay Kothari,

On email.


I have read that India has the highest number of attacks by stray dogs. In some cases children are mauled to death. This is a public health emergency, and powers that be need to take it up seriously. Human lives matter.


Pradeep Rao,

On email.


Your story highlighted the nuisance created by stray dogs. It is disturbing to note that India has seen an increase in dog bites in the last three years and the law remains only on paper. Same is the case with the law banning smoking in public places. Passed on October 2, 2008, it has completed 15 years, but how many are aware of it? If implemented in earnest, it will go a long way in preventing passive smoking.


S. Shashidhar,

On email.


More power to you

The Week’s Anniversary Special Double Issue (December 31) was wonderful. The best part in it was the humour section! THE WEEK has been a constant companion for me, and seeing the magazine’s constant growth, there is no doubt that it has become even better.


Wishing the magazine more power in the times to come!


Saikrit Gulati,