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Right choice

It was the right decision to have S. Somanath as your Man of The Year (‘The Somanath effect’, December 24). Relentless pursuit of dreams enabled Somanath to reach where he is today. He has deep knowledge in a wide range of subjects, and that is going to take ISRO to greater heights. Somanath is a role model for many people.


ISRO is known for its cost effectiveness, and other space agencies should learn from it. Also, our satellites should help poorer nations to progress in the field of science.


Gaurav Saxena,

On email.


The life story of Somanath made an excellent read. His career has not been all highs, but he never gave up. Somanath took challenges head on. I liked some of the things that he told your reporter—for example, if you plan properly, there is no need for stress. He is correct. I also agree with Somanath that there is no need to push people, and that it is a wrong management tactic. It can generate intense emotions.


India and ISRO are the envy of many western countries. There is a need to closely blend our space programmes with our commerce.


Pratap Chandran,

On email.


Somanath proved to be a selfless, dedicated and focussed technocrat. His contributions are exemplary. He has raised India’s stature as a global leader in the field of space science.


Somanath deserves a Bharat Ratna.


Sachidananda Satpathy,

On email.


Somanath is in the same league as Vikram Sarabhai, Satish Dhawan, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and U.R. Rao. His story is an inspiration for young scientists and students who consider aeronautics and space science as an alternative to computer science and artificial intelligence.


Having said that, I would have preferred the entire team of ISRO scientists and innovators as THE WEEK’s ‘People of the Year’. For next year’s Man of the Year, Chief Justice D.Y. Chandrachud is an apt candidate. However, you have already covered him in an earlier edition.


K.V. Jayaram,



Two inspiring articles caught my attention. One highlighted the journey of Somanath, while the other featured the nadaswaram master P.S. Balamurugan. Both stories showcased remarkable individuals who overcame significant early life challenges through hard work.


THE WEEK’s commitment to present such diverse and uplifting narratives is truly commendable. You should continue to bring out such fantastic assortment of content.


Abhishek Jayadevan,

On email.


Make him CM

Palanivel Thiaga Rajan seems like an intelligent man; there was a lot of clarity in what he said. Very few politicians in Tamil Nadu speak like that. Thiaga Rajan, in fact, should be in the chief minister’s chair (‘Devolution of power will resolve a lot of problems’, December 24).


I agree with Thiaga Rajan that all Central agencies have been weaponised and politicised. It has reached a point that if a business group is not in the good books of the government, there is a good chance of it getting raided. What a sad state of affairs.


Mayank Pandey,

On email.


We miss Mukherjee

Pranab Mukherjee was the right person to lead the country after Sonia Gandhi decided against staking claim for prime ministership in 2004 (‘Baba blamed himself for Gandhi family’s impact on Congress’, December 24). Mukherjee was an astute leader who would not have taken any nonsense. He will not hesitate to call a spade a spade. Manmohan Singh is as intelligent or more, but he was meek. We miss a leader of Mukherjee’s stature in the Congress.


Ripu Saxena,

On email.


If Mukherjee was India’s prime minister, there would not have been any scams or scandals. He would have taken strict action against all wrongdoers. Manmohan Singh was a wonderful human being and a great finance minister. But he was never fit to be prime minister.


Nandini Dasgupta,

On email.


Creating awareness

Every region has its specific culture and it was a fascinating peek into Manipuri style wedding (‘Chic magnet’, December 17). I agree with Namrata Zakaria that many of us associate weddings with north Indian weddings only.


I admire Randeep Hooda for having married his girlfriend Lin Laishram, a Hindu Meitei, in a traditional Manipuri wedding. This is how you create awareness.


Devender Tokas,

On email.


Beware! Pinarayi Vijayan

Pinarayi Vijayan is setting a bad example in Kerala (‘Party snacks’, December 24). The Nava Kerala Sadas was a total disaster. Vijayan has become brash and arrogant, and that is not going to help him. No politician should have the audacity to take power for granted.


Bhoomika G.V.,

On email.


Somebody should rein in the chief minister of Kerala. He is behaving like a dictator. Vijayan should not forget that the CPI(M) is in power only in Kerala. If Vijayan does not make corrective steps, CPI(M)-led LDF will lose power in Kerala. Communism is a failed ideology today.


Karthik Prakash,

On email.