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Excellent work

I have been a reader of THE WEEK since my student days; 1986, to be precise. Let me congratulate THE WEEK and Deputy Photo Editor Bhanu Prakash Chandra for reporting from the war front in Ukraine (‘Sunflower fields and no man’s land’, August 13).


As Editor Philip Mathew said in his letter, Bhanu deserved every page. No doubt, this is a collector’s edition. Every ‘true’ journalist dreams to cover war, but how many will take the risk that Bhanu took?


Going through your 50-page cover story was like watching a war film. Let me praise The WEEK for the wonderful work.


Saggere Ramaswamy,
On email.


Bhanu, I salute your courage and conviction. You have returned safely and shared the story of a nation at war. It was an inspiring story of a team of spirited fighters safeguarding their nation. May peace prevail in Ukraine.


And thanks to THE WEEK for yet another week of exciting reading matter.


Ananthraman S.,

On email.


The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is characterised by a complex interplay of political, historical, and territorial factors. While it is not a traditional war, it has led to a grave humanitarian crisis and widespread violation of human rights. The situation has resulted in the loss of innocent lives, displacement of people, and a general erosion of human dignity.


There is an urgent need for international attention and action to end the turmoil.


Sanjeev John,

On email.


I enjoyed reading your cover story. [It was] a battlefield travelogue with elaborate references to actions of the Ukrainian army battling a vastly superior foe.


In fact, your cover story made for a fine battlefield study. Congrats to Bhanu and THE WEEK.


C.B. Khanduri,

On email.


Hearty congratulations to the roaring tiger [Bhanu] in your den. One needs fire in the belly and guts to venture into something like this. Probably it was your motivation that made this tiger take on the task, which no other photojournalists from any Indian newsmagazine dared.


I have never come across any magazine in India, till date, that has dedicated almost 3/4th of its pages for a photojournalist.


My salutes to THE WEEK and Bhanu.


Padmanabha Rao,

On email.


It took me two days to read your cover story. It is a pity that Ukraine is waging war for more than a year. It is true that this war is different. Russia has not been able to take over Ukraine even after a year.


Bhanu is a brave man. I think you should send him to the Russian side now to get their side of the story.


H. Chandra Gupta,

On email.


Why does your cover story focus only on Ukraine? Why not share the Russian version?


Radhakrishna Kartha,

On email.


The war between Ukraine and Russia has resulted in humanitarian crises. Walking peacefully in the land of picturesque Ukraine is now a miracle. Young people who were supposed to go around with books are now forging ahead with their troops. It is sad to see humanity suffer when peace is possible. Hats off to THE WEEK for covering the real struggle of humanity.


Vivek Dsouza,

On email.


Your cover story on Ukraine was fantastic with a combination of superb photographs and accompanying text—both complemented each other. It can be recast into a beautiful book that will have many readers. Congrats to Bhanu for taking up the assignment with courage, conviction and commitment.


R.B.K. Varma,

On email.


Kudos to Bhanu. Reading his travelogue from the conflict zone sent chills down my spine. Being an Army officer’s wife, I can imagine the trauma and suffering that the Ukrainians are going through. As always, the people and the country will rise like a phoenix. But, then, the aftermath of the war does leave permanent scars.


Praveen Thimmaiah,

On email.


It was a superb cover story by Bhanu, and I loved every word of it. It must have taken great mental strength and courage to visit the frontline, almost a few metres away from the Russian position.


Kudos to THE WEEK for organising this trip and story.


I felt sorry after reading the story of Indians who fight for Ukraine. THE WEEK should consider setting up an NGO to depute fully funded volunteers to assist Ukraine in battle-support activities.


K. Ramdas Nayak,

On email.


The journalism that THE WEEK practises is unsurpassed. While going through your cover story from Ukraine my heart was thumping. It felt as if I was at the battlefront. Bhanu is a strategic journalist with immense talent.


I am going to preserve the issue.


Raja C.A.H.,

On email.