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Focus on Tamil Nadu

Stalin’s concern about the BJP trying to turn India into an autocracy is valid, but I am not sure if Stalin is a significant player in a united opposition against the NDA (‘BJP trying to turn India into an autocracy’, July 23). In 2024, the DMK-led alliance, at most, can win 25 of 39 Lok Sabha seats in Tamil Nadu. If the AIADMK were its older, powerful self, the DMK would not have won even 25 seats in the state.


Stalin should focus on his job. As chief minister of Tamil Nadu, he should fulfil his poll promises and crush corruption in the state.


Gopalan Ramanathan,

On email.


The Narendra Modi government could have done more on some of the recent issues.


For example, I fail to understand why the government was silent on the issue of sexual harassment against women sportspersons. Modi should have forced the BJP president to take action against Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh.


Also, why did Modi take so long to break his silence over the deadly ethnic clashes in Manipur? If this is how it goes, his government will have to pay a heavy price for protecting people who have committed grave mistakes. Having said that, the BJP-led NDA alliance has a slight edge over the united opposition.


Jayakumar A.V.,

On email.


Stalin should end the freebie culture in Tamil Nadu. All political parties should promote infrastructural facilities, and wean people off freebies.


It is time Tamil Nadu elected a Congress or BJP government, and kept away the Dravidian parties, which have only caused problems for the state. Tamil Nadu will not see the light of development until corruption prevails.


Ashish Chandavarkar,

On email.


Imran is popular

If elections are held in Pakistan in the next three to four months, Imran Khan will win (‘Government will hold election only if it is certain that Imran has been neutralised’, July 23). Khan is truly the most popular leader today in Pakistan. The Pakistan army is scared of Khan winning the election, and this is so palpable.


There is widespread discontent with the ruling coalition in Pakistan, and it is bound to reflect in some manner. The Pakistan army should mind its own business, and not try to belittle politicians. Almost all problems that Pakistan faces today are because of its army.


Kuldeep Singh,

On email.


Total failure

What is happening in Manipur is really worrying (‘Deadly mix’, July 23). If not handled immediately and tactfully, the situation may grow into an international issue.


The total failure of the state and the Central government is much reflected in the gang-rape of a woman on May 4, and the inaction that followed. The government machinery woke up only when the disturbing video became viral and the apex court intervened.


C.K. Saseendran,

On email.


My head hangs in shame as an Indian to see naked women being paraded in Manipur. All the more because Modi is partially responsible for the state of affairs in Manipur. He chose to remain silent and took little action when it was clear that Chief Minister N. Biren Singh was favouring a particular community. Had the same happened in Uttar Pradesh or Gujarat, the prime minister and the Central government would have swiftly acted. But Manipur is a small state, and far away from Delhi.


Rajesh Malik,

On email.


Singh should be sacked immediately. The popularity of Modi is coming down. I like Modi and really admire some of his decisions, but I felt bad when he refused to take note of the incidents in Manipur. Ideally, Modi should have visited Manipur. As prime minister, he should treat everyone equally. He should never favour one community over the other.


Nikhil Nagori,

On email.


Avoid stress

Swara Bhasker’s ‘Bitter Chocolate’ (July 23) was a touching read. May she be blessed with a healthy child. No matter what, Bhasker should continue writing for my favourite magazine. Her voice matters.


As Bhasker is nearing her due date, she should ensure that she avoids stress. She should also avoid reading any kind of negative comments. It should not matter to her.


David D’souza,

On email.


Bhasker’s column revealed a mother’s angst. Though late now, she could have avoided her present discomfiture if she and her husband were not really ready to be first-time parents, so early!


Balagangadharan A.,

On email.


Moving article

The story of Mr Bains moved me (‘Last Word’, April 23). As a student I travel from one state to another in search of knowledge.


The government has failed to provide jobs to people. So, one has to go abroad in search for jobs. As citizens of India what can we contribute for our country? May be, only the stairway to heaven will liberate us from our sufferings.


Sylvester Pariong,

On email.


Masterly letters

I rarely miss letters from Editor Philip Mathew. His masterly account of various topics surprises me. How is it possible for a person, regardless of his age and experience, to discuss different topics with such ease—with different stories all the time.


His language and lucidity of presentation can be emulated by students. Hats off to you, sir. I wish you remain immortal.


Aravindan Nair,

On email.