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Modi is popular

Your cover story on Narendra Modi and how his legacy is different from those of previous prime ministers was interesting (‘The epoch maker’, June 4).


It is an undeniable fact that no modern leader has had a mass appeal like Modi. Under him, India’s global profile has only grown.


All said and done, it would have been appropriate if President Droupadi Murmu had inaugurated the new Parliament building. We should never forget that according to Article 79 of the Constitution, the Parliament consists of the president of India, and the two houses—Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.


V. Palanichamy,
On email.


I went through your cover story on Modi in detail. It was interesting to read about what Modi government has done in the last nine years.


I would have been happy if you had also mentioned about the number of airports, IITs and AIIMS that were established each year, since 2014.


Nonetheless, THE WEEK is playing an important role in providing insightful information to people.


Anil Deshpande,

On email.


Modi is the best prime minister we have had in the last 75 years. You have rightly analysed his milestones and controversies in the last nine years.


I appreciate the array of social and economic welfare measures introduced by Modi. I like his handling of foreign affairs. I admire Modi’s achievements in modernising the military, and helping farmers and marginalised sections of society.


Nagesh S. Agida,

On email.


I agree there has been a lot of development work in the country during the last nine years. But on the debit side, there are a few things where Modi could have done more.


Our strength—unity in diversity—has been kept low key. There is too much of religion all around, and all political parties are involved in the nexus. Religion, after all, should never be mixed with politics.


The Modi government is ignoring important messages from icons like Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi, and thereby confusing young people today. We have become the most populated country of the world. But our happiness index is low.


We all have to move hand-in-hand, as one happy nation.


R.D. Singh,

On email.


I was surprised to see your cover story on Modi. The articles and interviews were one-sided. Two of your contributors—K.M. Chandrasekhar and G.R. Gopinath—are not BJP functionaries, but then they are also not known critics of the supreme leader.


In the same issue I saw two letters from readers that predicted a win for Modi in 2024.


I think your magazine is competing with news publications that are biased in favour of the BJP.


C.K. Saseendran,

On email.


THE WEEK became ‘weak’ when it highlighted the lines “Modi charms the world and energises India” on the cover.


The reality, mind you, is different. The Modi government has destroyed the legacies of Gandhi and Nehru. India is losing its image of a secular, socialist democracy; religious fanaticism is rising in the country.


Subhash Desai,

On email.


I am a staunch supporter of Modi and his astute leadership skills. I like his ability of navigating challenges.


Today, I feel even more proud as many of us had voted Modi as MLA (from Maninagar constituency) during his days as Gujarat chief minister.


I have witnessed massive infrastructural push under Modi’s leadership, which is so good.


Daxesh Patel,

On email.


It is amazing that Modi has emerged as the most influential and accepted leader in the world today, even before completing a decade as prime minister. What stood apart for Modi was the way he took risky and bold decisions at the appropriate time. Modi, in spite of having a busy schedule, practises yoga on a daily basis. This, I am sure, is helping him.


Jayakumar A.V.,

On email.


Your issue on Modi’s nine years was apt, highlighting his highs and lows. One may love or hate Modi, but you just cannot ignore him. Modi has shown the ability to take tough decisions. No other government would have dared to take decisions like the abrogation of Article 370, surgical strikes in Pakistan, demonetisation, and tit-for-tat action against China.


Some of Modi’s decisions may have backfired, but that is understandable. It is his bold decisions that make Modi feared and respected.


Dilip Gurjar,

On email.


Class apart

Manoj Bajpai is a class apart, and one of the genuinely good actors we have in Bollywood (‘Style and substance’, June 4). He is one of those actors who balances artistic excellence and commercial success. I also like Pankaj Tripathi.


Bollywood needs more actors like Bajpai and Tripathi. Masala films have no takers these days. Malayalam cinema at one point had some of the best character actors in the country.


Prakash Balakrishnan,

On email.


Cleansing letters

I like the content of your magazine. I wish to point out that some of the letters of readers that get published these days are diatribes, fit only for IT cells of political parties. I request you not to provide space for people who are in need of catharsis.


Sundar M. Senthilnathan,

On email.