How to declutter your digital life

It is as rewarding as cleaning up physical clutter


WE LIVE A great deal of our lives in the digital world. Naturally, we accumulate a lot of digital clutter. Regular cleaning of this space is as essential as keeping your home clean.


People hoard emails for no apparent reason. The first step of decluttering your inbox is deleting in bulk the promotions and social media updates. If you still believe some information in a mail you received 15 years ago will fetch you a million dollars some time in the future, you can keep them; but keep them out of the way. One option is moving them to time-based folders. Sort your inbox by date, select the messages in a time period and move them into the new folder.

A clean inbox is a great place to start new email habits. Set up some rules for managing email and stick with them; you will not again end up with an unmanageable mess.


Scan your phone, and you will be surprised how many of the apps had been ‘untouched’ for long. Dumping unused apps will not just clean your digital life, but also free up space on your phone.

Before you start the app purge, back up your phone; this will allow you to restore an app and data in case you want them back. iOS has an option that lets you offload apps when you don’t use them frequently. This setting keeps your data but it removes the app and the memory required to host it.


Chrome tabs notoriously hog power. And most people leave dozens of them open. One problem with tab hoarding is that it prevents you from cleaning out the internet cache, which may affect the performance of the computer. Develop the habit of closing a tab you are done with; bookmark the ones you think you would need later. You can even bookmark them in groups.