Polaroid Audio: Music to the eyes

Polaroid zooms into the future with   boombox-style audio players


Back in 2008, when Polaroid declared itself bankrupt and shuttered its iconic instant film business, nostalgia buffs in photography cried a river. How does the world not see the love and labour behind an instant film, they rued, which is ejected with bated breadth to produce the most wistful, sepia-friendly capture? But Polaroid bounced back into the game almost 10 years later, after surviving bankruptcies in the age of Instagram filters and megapixels. They managed to woo an internet-savvy generation with those chubby-cute instant cameras again. Except that they were more accessible, useful and au courant. The famous American imaging technology company has now forayed into the world of audio. This month, it unveiled four funky bluetooth Polaroid music players, along with Polaroid Radio, meant to be an experimental music discovery service run by the company itself.

Think of it as a time machine that was the desi Saregama Carvaan when it launched in the guise of a chunky old transistor with bluetooth, USB and FM support. The product became an instant bestseller, especially as a heartfelt gift for elders and parents in the family.

The Polaroid range of audio players—from a small wearable device to larger, portable tapes—pays sleek homage to the retro boomboxes of the 1980s with a carrying handle. By inculcating aspects of instant film history, the future of Polaroid is now going towards music, among other exciting offerings. The player can currently be paired with Apple Music, and, eventually Spotify.

Prices in India are likely to range from Rs5,000 to Rs25,000.