'Modi is a myth which is breaking down': M.K. Stalin

INDIA bloc has confidence in Rahul Gandhi, says Stalin


Interview/ M.K. Stalin, Tamil Nadu chief minister

Q/ You have been campaigning. How good is the support on the ground?

A/ I have completed my campaign in 17 parliamentary constituencies in the state. The DMK alliance will win all. The prospects of an extraordinary victory is visible on the faces of the people I see every day. The people have understood well the schemes implemented in the past three years by the Dravidian model government. People clap when I mention the name of a scheme. So the support for us is much more than what we had in 2021.

Similarly, the anger against Prime Minister Narendra Modi has increased manifold. Modi is a myth which is breaking down. Modi did not win in Tamil Nadu in the past two general elections. I can see the confidence in the people that Modi will not come back to power in this election. The people are confident that the BJP, which has betrayed Tamils, Tamil language and Tamil Nadu, will be brought down. And [Edappadi K.] Palaniswami, who held the feet of the BJP, is also a betrayer. He formed a separate front as per the plans devised by the BJP. People have understood this.

Q/ Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been arrested at a time when the country is ready for elections.

A/ Modi’s fear of defeat is making him commit mistake after mistake. Why would someone who claims that he will win 370-400 seats arrest the opposition leaders, particularly state chief ministers? The BJP believed that Kejriwal will not be part of the INDIA bloc. But Kejriwal completed the alliance talks smoothly. In the northern states, the Congress-AAP alliance has become strong. The ground situation is that if Kejriwal goes out to campaign in these states, the BJP will not be able to win even a few seats. They arrested him to stop him from campaigning and to tarnish his image.

Apparently, Kejriwal’s popularity has increased manifold after his arrest. It has changed even the minds of staunch BJP supporters. BJP supporters themselves call this ‘oppression’. This has made the neutral voters also think twice. The BJP’s popularity in the northern states has fallen deeply after this arrest.

I appreciate Kejriwal's willpower of running the government from prison. The DMK will always stand by the AAP.

Q/ In the 2019 elections, you proposed Rahul Gandhi as the prime minister candidate. Why haven't you proposed anyone from the INDIA bloc this time?

A/ Not just me, every leader in the INDIA bloc has confidence and belief in our young leader Rahul Gandhi. More than who should be the prime minister, the significance of the 2024 parliament election is to ensure that the BJP government led by Modi does not come back. Democracy will not prevail if the BJP comes back to power. This election is a democratic war against the BJP .

Q/ Who is an alternative to Modi?

A/ People have already decided that they don’t need Modi any longer. In this situation, people’s mandate will ensure an alternative to Modi. If people have decided that they need change, then their first intention will be to ensure who has to be sent off. As per people’s wish, Modi will be removed from power. An eligible person will rule the country.

Q/ What is your opinion about 10 years of the Modi government?

A/ The BJP introduced him as the hero of development in 2014 by spreading lies that he had developed Gujarat. He threw many glamorous assurances to people. But he has not kept any of his promises. In the northern states, they campaigned that they would retrieve black money and deposit 015 lakh in the Jan Dhan bank accounts. This promise helped them get a majority. After they came to power, they asked everyone to open bank accounts and cheated them. Home Minister Amit Shah now shamelessly says that it was a ‘jumla’. Modi who structured himself as the hero of development, did not develop anything in the past 10 years. He had only built his personal image. He destroyed the states, Indian economy and peace. The only thing that remains for him to destroy is the Indian Constitution. Modi winning is not good not only for the country, but also for the BJP.

Q/ This time in your manifesto, you have promised schemes that can be implemented only by the Central government. How do you think you can deliver them?

A/ The INDIA bloc, which comprises the DMK, will come to power at the Centre. So the promises we have made are national-level promises. The DMK has the history of delivering the promises by working together with the Union government. So you do not have to doubt if they can be delivered by the DMK. All problems will be solved if a Union government that respects the
federal structure comes to power. We will definitely execute it.

Q/ In Tamil Nadu, is it a fight between the AIADMK and the DMK?

A/ I request you to call it a fight between the DMK and the AIADMK. The DMK is the front-runner. The AIADMK is far behind, fighting for the second place. The other parties are in a dream world. The AIADMK's only ideology is to oppose the DMK. Palaniswami's tongue never wags against the BJP, because of his loyalty to the master. They nodded their heads to the BJP when they were in power and got used to it. Now, even when not in power, the AIADMK is nodding
the same way.

Q/ You say that the AIADMK and the BJP have an illegal relationship. How would you substantiate it?

A/ Ask Palaniswami to say “Narendra Modi should not come back to power”.