'Kejriwal is more dangerous inside the jail': Jasmine Shah

There is no question of Kejriwal resigning, says the AAP leader


Interview/ Jasmine Shah, senior AAP leader

Q/ The AAP has accused the BJP of having links in the Delhi liquor case. Please elaborate.

A/ The investigation started around two years ago. The BJP alleged that certain liquor businessmen were given undue favours and the profits were transferred to the AAP. Since then, every central investigative agency has been unleashed on the party. Around 500 raids have taken place; more than 1,000 witnesses have been summoned. The homes of our leaders have been raided, yet not a single rupee of unaccounted money or any money trail has been found….

In the midst of all this, the chief minister was arrested on the basis of a statement of one government witness or approver―Sarath Chandra Reddy. Reddy had bought the licence to run a few zones and was arrested in November 2022. He was asked at the time whether he knew Kejriwal and whether he had met him. Reddy said he knew of him but did not know him personally and had never met him. The ED arrested him.

From the electoral bonds data, it has come to light that five days after he was arrested, his Aurobindo Pharma gave Rs5 crore through bonds to the BJP. A couple of months later, the ED submitted a chargesheet alleging that he is the kingpin of the entire liquor scam. In January 2023, Reddy, who was still under arrest, told the court that he was being pressurised to name Kejriwal, but he wasn’t granted any relief. In April 2023, Reddy said that he knew Kejriwal and immediately the ED stopped opposing his bail. He comes out on the frivolous excuse of back pain.

The money transaction of Reddy doesn’t end there. In June 2023, he becomes an approver and, on November 3, companies related to Reddy donate Rs50 crore on a single day to the BJP. In total, 055 crore was transferred from Reddy’s account to the BJP. From this data, it becomes very clear that the liquor scam is between Sarath Chandra Reddy and the BJP, and the AAP and Kejriwal are only being framed.

Q/ Since the arrest, has it become difficult to focus on the upcoming general and assembly polls?

A/ The AAP works on a modern, systematic and decentralised election campaign strategy. We have our teams at the local and state level who know exactly what to do. Our plans are all firmed up. Everything is going to go like clockwork. The BJP has badly miscalculated the timing of the arrest of the chief minister. They felt that it would be easier if he is inside the prison, but they don’t know that he is more dangerous inside.

Q/ If Kejriwal has to resign, who will be the next chief minister? It is said that Sunita Kejriwal may step into her husband’s shoes.

A/ First and foremost, there is no question of Kejriwal resigning. He can lawfully continue from the jail. The only bar is when you have got a conviction…. It will be a fraud on Indian democracy if a popularly elected chief minister has to resign under such circumstances. We certainly do not foresee any such situation. We asked the people of Delhi, and an overwhelming 99 per cent people are very clear that the mandate was given to Kejriwal and he will continue. The question about Sunita Kejriwal becoming chief minister was planted by BJP’s troll army. I don’t need to respond to that.