'Give space to parties that are regionally strong in states': Kanimozhi

Nothing is going to change by moving out of the alliance, says the Lok Sabha MP


Interview/ Kanimozhi Karunanidhi, Lok Sabha MP and deputy general secretary, DMK

Q/ What are your thoughts on Nitish Kumar quitting the INDIA bloc?

A/ It is very unfortunate because he was the leader who initiated the whole thing. We all expected that he would be the driving force in bringing us together. His exit from the alliance raises a lot of questions. But then we don’t know what were the circumstances behind his exit. Despite all these shortcomings, his idea of bringing us together has proved successful and we all are still together.

Q/ When the INDIA bloc’s first meeting happened in Patna, DMK chief M.K. Stalin had proposed a new formula for seat sharing. Do you think Nitish’s exit will make it difficult to implement?

A/ Yes, we proposed a formula. But I think we should have a common candidate among all the parties in the INDIA alliance. We should work towards it. The differences can be ironed out. I am sure that there is nothing that we cannot work out. It will be good if we can work out a formula and give space to parties that are regionally strong in the states.

Q/ Now that Nitish has gone, how do you think you can keep the flock together? There have been talks about Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee expressing displeasure and then there is the pressure from Central agencies against AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal.

A/ Yes, there is a lot of pressure. There are challenges, of course. But one thing everyone realises is that they are all experienced leaders. Nothing is going to change by moving out; things might change if we all stay together.