Exclusive: 'I will not cower... will not bow down', says Brijbhushan Sharan Singh

It is a huge conspiracy to defame me, he says

22-Brijbhushan-Sharan-Singh Brijbhushan Sharan Singh | Josekutty Panackal

Q/ There are serious charges against you. Do you think these are part of a conspiracy?

A/ This is a huge conspiracy to defame me and kill me politically. But this is much larger than me. As the districts and the states progress, as the nation grows in stature, there is a definite and widespread scheme to spoil India’s image. Some big guns want this son of a farmer from Uttar Pradesh to be uprooted from the Wrestling Federation of India and shown the door.

I have always maintained that I should be hanged if any wrongdoing is proved. But should I be beheaded for an imagined crime?

Q/ You are a popular leader in your region. It is natural for you to have enemies. Who do you think is behind this?

A/ I have risen from student politics through hard work and have faced many challenges. I do not see myself as belonging to just a particular caste. My thoughts and deeds are for the best of everyone. This is what flows through my blood. I am a devotee of Shri Ram and like him, want to thread together all sections of society and community and establish Ram Rajya. It is but natural to have enemies in politics. But the opponents have now become shallow and have fallen to great depths. As for who benefits from the conspiracy―all those who are trying to forcibly take over institutions, which is not possible till I am around.

Q/ Would you like to comment on the nature of the investigation? For instance, it has been said that the wrestlers have not been able to provide any proof, yet are demanding your arrest.

A/ I have nothing to say about the investigation. The thing about truth is that even if locked behind seven doors, it finds a way of coming out. I have always maintained that I should be hanged if any wrongdoing is proved. But should I be beheaded for an imagined crime? I will not cower, not bow down; that is not in my blood.

Q/ Do you think this matter could impact your electoral prospects in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections?

A/ Why must the truth have any fears? Those who are using the wrestlers like puppets will never succeed in my area. In 2024, the public will vote for me in record numbers and thus show a mirror to those who are running the Bharat todo, samaj todo, vyakti todo (break up the country, society and people) campaign.

Q/ During this challenging time, you would have better recognised who your actual friends are. Who has stood by you? Are you satisfied with the support the BJP has extended?

A/ I come from the land of sacrifice, tapasya (austerity) and struggle. Our people never flinch in offering respect, belief and homage. They know that I am not a paapi (sinner) and thus they are supporting me with complete conviction. The revered saints in whose laps I grew up, those who were my teachers―I have their blessings. They don’t just stand by me; they help me at whatever stage and in whichever way they can. I shall remain indebted to them for life.

I am thankful to my party, which is monitoring the whole issue seriously. All my party office bearers understand who is conspiring against me.

I can neither lower the dignity of my great leader Narendra Modi ji nor that of my own society and family.

Q/ Is Haryana afraid of losing its prime position in wrestling?

A/ The wrestlers are just pawns. If wrestlers from all over India bring glory to it from across the world, what could be better than that? Why should one state have supremacy over others? For me, a wrestler from any state is an Indian wrestler, my wrestler. If s/he wins, the country wins. One family in Haryana is afraid of losing its supremacy. They don’t want any encroachers. It is like a company, and they will do anything to maximise profits and minimise losses for that entity.

Q/ Any parting thoughts?

A/ I can say it in poetry.

Koi chalta pad chinhon par, koi pad chinh banata hai.

Bas wohi soorma veer purush duniya mein pooja jata hai.

(Loosely: There are some who walk on footprints made by others. Some make their own. It is these brave ones who are worshipped by the world).

Deta sangharshon ko nyota, manavta ki khatir jag mein; thokar se karta durr sada jo bhi baadha aati marg mein; jo daan rakt ka de kar bhi apna kartavya nibhata hai; bas wohi soorma, veer purush jag mein pooja jaata hai.

(Loosely: He who invites challenges for the sake of humanity, he who kicks away all obstacles; he who fulfils his duties even by giving his blood, it is that braveheart who is worshipped by the world).