'Have the highest regard for my father, but he is still a Congressman': Anil Antony

Congress is a rudderless ship without leadership or direction, he says

PTI04_06_2023_000171B Warm vibes: Anil Antony joins the BJP in the presence of Union Minister Piyush Goyal | PTI

Q/ There are rumours that you will be a candidate in the upcoming general elections.

A/ I joined the BJP as a regular worker. My role will be discussed by the central and state leaderships. Everything else is speculation.

Q/ Your father is a senior Congress leader. Don’t you think your decision dealt a big blow to his image?

A/ He has been in the party for 65 years and was a parliamentarian for 52 years. He has done a lot of work for nation-building and national transformation. He is widely respected across the political spectrum. I don’t think this will cause a dent in his image at all, because he currently is in a Congress party that is completely cut off from public consciousness.

The country has no faith in Rahul Gandhi and the Congress. It has full faith in Modi ji and the BJP. The BJP is the only national party with a long-term direction and mission to take the country forward. The Congress is a rudderless ship without leadership or direction. So, I have absolutely no regrets, because I believe that I am taking the right step which is in line with the thoughts of young India. I have the highest regard for my father. He is somebody from whom I learned a lot. But he is still a Congressman.

Q/ Did you discuss your plans with your father?

A/ We discuss issues. We have our viewpoints. We share our viewpoints. But all my decisions are taken independently by me. I always listen to what people have to say. But the decisions are mine.

Q/ In a recent interview, Cardinal George Alencherry made it clear that the church did not have any aversion towards the BJP. He also said Christians did not feel insecure in India.

A/ What the respected cardinal said is what the vast majority of the people in Kerala and India feel: the Congress has a rudderless leadership without any direction. But the BJP, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has the clearest vision to take this country forward. It is working to uplift all sections of society without any bias. More and more people are clearly understanding that. And they are all joining the BJP and voting for the party. It is only a matter of time before that gets reflected in Kerala as well.