Exchange blues

21-Aaditeya-Tripathi Aaditeya Tripathi | Arvind Jain

AADITEYA TRIPATHI,17, has left home to study in the US, and it is giving his father, Vivek, a government employee, sleepless nights. The reason? The sky-rocketing expenses.

“When we planned his study abroad, the rupee was at 74 against the dollar. As if it falling to 80 was not enough, the cost of everything, from Aaditeya’s accommodation at California State University to insurance and even food expenses, has shot up,” said Vivek.

Aaditeya had looked for a private accommodation, as the university hostel was expensive. Though he found a place, the realtors kept increasing the rent. “Eventually, the hostel turned out to be cheaper than the rapidly rising rental outside!” said Vivek. “All our budgeting while planning to send him has gone off track with prices rising both in India and in the US.” This, despite a fee waiver from the university.

And, it is just the first semester; there are seven more to go. “We are dipping into our savings,” said Vivek. “Not sure how we will work it out.”