'We're building a new Bharat; opposition can't stomach it': Brajesh Pathak

BJP voters are showing up at polling booths, but the opposition's are not: UP DyCM

42-Brajesh-Pathak Brajesh Pathak | Pawan Kumar

Interview/ Brajesh Pathak, deputy chief minister, Uttar Pradesh

THE BUSTLING BRAJESH PATHAK is lauded for being present everywhere and for his deep connections in other parties that brought in hundreds of their members to the BJP in the run up to the elections. He is the kind of minister who checks services at a government hospital’s out-patient department one day and gives patients a lift in his car the next. Excerpts from an interview:

Q/ Do you think the Congress-Samajwadi Party alliance is a bigger challenge this time because of their better coordination?

A/ In the first phase there was not a single joint rally of the INDI Alliance. In the second phase there was just a joint press conference. The public has rejected them. They have been unable to gather the strength to face the people. The Congress is moving towards its demise while the SP has been derailed. The alliance has no future; there is no question of coordination.

Q/ How have issues like electoral bonds and amendment of the Constitution impacted the chances of the BJP?

A/ These issues are only indicative of the negative mindset of the opposition. They have no issues left so their leaders are giving unbalanced statements. They do not realise that the public is not interested and that it has decided to completely wipe them out.

Q/ What are the issues that are being talked about by the electorate?

A/ The far-sightedness of our prime minister, the vow for a developed Bharat, the unprecedented development works of our government, hundreds of welfare schemes, the growth of the economy, and the strict control over law and order. There is no difference in what we say and what we do. India is now highly regarded in the world. We are building a new Bharat. The opposition cannot stomach this.

Q/ Do you think that the Ram Mandir will sway voters?

A/ The mandir was our resolution. After 500 years of intense penance we have the darshan of Lord Shri Ram. It is a matter of our faith. A leader of the SP (Ram Gopal Yadav) recently criticised the mandir. Previously they would label it hypocrisy. Ram bhakts were shot at during the SP regime. The Congress has rejected the existence of Ram. Those who do not respect sanatan are now calling themselves sanatani. Shri Ram is in our hearts and minds.

Q/ Who is your core voter this time?

A/ The BJP is a party of everyone, of sarva samaj. Everyone has abiding faith in our PM. We are getting everyone’s votes, hence our cry―400 paar (beyond 400). We will reach this goal because of the able leadership of our PM.

Q/ Will the multiple paper leaks not impact your chances in UP?

A/ Question papers used to be leaked during the SP government. Without any bias, we give jobs to the young according to their talent. Multiple schemes such as the Pradhan Mantri Rozgar Yojana, Atmanirbhar Bharat Yojana, PM Mudra Loan Yojana, and PM Vaani Yojana have benefited crores of young people.

Q/ Were you expecting sharper polarisation of votes?

A/ We fight the election with impartiality and with a positive mindset. We talk about development and our work. Voting has been low because the opposition has been unable to enthuse its voters. Our voters are showing up at the polling booths, but the opposition’s are not. The voters know that ours is a party known for development and thus are enthusiastic about voting for us.