‘Congress was only doing politics of perception’: Madhya Pradesh BJP chief

Interview | V.D. Sharma, president, Madhya Pradesh BJP

VDSharma5 V.D. Sharma | Sanjay Ahlawat

Q/ What went into the big win of BJP in Madhya Pradesh?

A/ The most basic thing is that people have blessed Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This along with the power of pro-poor welfare schemes of central and state government schemes were a big factor. In Madhya Pradesh we have 1.53 crore unique beneficiaries of different schemes, who are our biggest strength. Also the BJP has worked for years for the constant development of the state.

Q/ You have profusely praised the party workers for their hard work.

A/ Certainly, our organisation is our biggest strength. Amit Shah ji gave us a task of achieving 51 per cent vote share; we have reached 49 per cent and in 101 assembly segments we have crossed 51 per cent vote share. It is the party workers who made it possible on the ground. No amount of praise is little for them. They worked hard, took schemes like Ladli Behna, PM Housing and Ayushman Bharat to the people and on that basis, secured votes for the party.

Q/There was a lot of talk about anti-incumbency against the government and neck and neck contest. Were you confident of a big win?

A/ We were confident on the basis of our work. Congress was only doing politics of perception. With the help of a section of the media they tried to create a perception—kind of a psychological warfare that they were winning, but they had no ground and it has been proven.

Q/You have already started preparations for Lok Sabha polls. No rest?

A/ (Laughs) There is no chance of rest. We have started preparing for the Lok Sabha. We are launching a ‘Har Booth Par Modi’ (Modi in every booth) in 64,253 polling booths so that we can put all 29 LS seats in Modi ji’s kitty and complete our task of achieving a total 51 per cent votes. We are also reviewing the booths we lost in assembly polls and are aiming to increase 10 per cent vote share in the booths with lesser win margin.

Q/Do you see Madhya Pradesh turn into another Gujarat with Congress totally out despite bipolar politics?

A/ Yes, Madhya Pradesh will turn into the next Gujarat electorally, where Congress will have no ground left.

Q/What would be the priority of the party when the next government is formed?

A/ We have turned the state into ‘Vikasit (developed) Madhya Pradesh’ and now we aim to turn it into ‘Swarnim (golden) Madhya Pradesh’. Also our priority will be to fulfill the promises made in the poll manifesto.