THE WEEK-Hansa Research Survey: India's Best Hospitals 2023

The survey covered 17 cities that are important medical centres

THE WEEK-Hansa Research Best Hospitals Survey 2023

Research methodology

The survey covered 17 cities (plus the National Capital Region) that are important medical centres. Top hospitals for 10 specialisations were also ranked.

Perceptual data collection

A primary survey was conducted among health care experts―790 general physicians and 1,165 specialists. The sample was selected ensuring proper representation of all cities and specialities.

The experts were asked to nominate and rate the top 10 multispeciality hospitals in India and within their city. Specialists were also asked to nominate and rate the top 10 hospitals for their specialisation. Experts' response for hospitals they are associated with were ignored.

Validation of findings

Data collected from the survey was validated using factual data from hospitals and other secondary sources. The final list was validated by leading doctors. Specialisation rankings were validated by experts who are opinion leaders in their field. City rankings were validated by experts from respective cities.

The core research team conducted telephonic interviews with 70 experts across cities and specialisations to validate the findings.

Ranking methodology

The final rank for a hospital is based on the number of nominations received, ranks given, and the ratings on the following five parameters:

* Overall reputation * Competency of doctors * Infrastructure and facilities

* Research and innovation * Patient care

Note: Ranking for a city is based on the perception of the experts surveyed from that city. Hence, the order in city rankings may vary from All India rankings. Ranking for a specialisation is based on the perception of specialists.

How to use it?

The rankings make the opinion of health care experts available to the public. While immense care has been taken to provide an honest assessment, the needs of each patient can be different. So, while this list can be used as a guideline, decisions should be based on what works best for the patient.