'Yoga is a stress buster': Cricketer Taniya Bhatia

Yoga is a great way to keep ourselves active, she said


It was during the national lockdown when I could not step out for training that I thought I should do something different and productive. That is when I decided to give equal priority to yoga, and that is how the journey began. I give 45 minutes to yoga every day, as it helps me calm down, stay relaxed, and start the day fresh. Being an athlete, it is very important to not just keep ourselves fit, but also be flexible to avoid injuries.

As a wicket-keeper, flexibility was something that I was always looking to get better at. Doing yoga consistently helped me get better with each passing day. I think yoga is a great way to keep ourselves active and energetic every day. It is a really good stress buster. Apart from athletes, it is important for each and every individual to keep themselves fit.

Bhatia is a cricketer and represents Delhi Capitals in the Women’s Premier League.