'Yoga is nothing short of magic': Actor Vivek Oberoi

Yoga fuses people with life, he said


I do yoga on a regular basis for mental and physical fitness. It revitalises me in every manner possible and boosts my self confidence. Not just that, it adds zest to life.

I practise pranayama every morning to set my breathing rhythm right. It gives me a sense of balance and calmness even when I am engrossed in so many things. I do yoga asanas four times a week. This is mainly for strengthening the core, and improving flexibility and muscle mobility.

Yoga makes our muscles supple. When we train with weights in the gym, chances of injuries due to stiffness of muscles is high. Yoga is the perfect solution to avoid such a situation. Yoga, for me, is nothing short of magic. By engaging the mind and regulating emotions, it helps me perform even better.

I feel delighted to know that yoga, India’s gift to humanity, has become a way of living. Yoga fuses people with life. With its ability to reduce anxiety, yoga, in times to come, will make us all better human beings.

Oberoi is an actor.